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Some Home Smart Devices That Every Household Should Try Using

The essence of having a home fundamentally includes the provision of comfort within its confines.

The home serves as the sanctuary where relaxation is seamlessly attained after a day’s work—a space where family moments are cherished and shared.

To enhance the overall comfort of your dwelling, consider integrating certain smart devices into your household’s technological repertoire.

These innovative gadgets can significantly elevate your quality of life, rendering your abode a more comfortable and enjoyable place to reside.

In the subsequent sections of this article, we will delve into a selection of these smart devices, exploring how their incorporation can transform your home into an even more comfortable haven.

What Is A Smart Device?

As defined by Google, smart devices are electronic gadgets typically linked to other devices and networks through various wireless protocols, including Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi, Li-Fi, 5G, and more.

These devices possess a degree of autonomy in their operations. Smart home devices, on the other hand, are specifically designed to connect with our smartphones and other devices for seamless integration.

Contrary to a common misconception, the integration of smart devices into your living space does not necessitate opulent wealth or a mansion.

Many of these innovative gadgets are readily available in technology stores across the country at affordable prices.

In the subsequent sections, we will explore some of these accessible smart devices and delve into their functionalities, highlighting how they contribute to creating a more comfortable and technologically enriched home environment.

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A Must-Have Smart Home Devices

Smart Doorbell

Smart Doorbell

A valuable addition to home convenience is a smart doorbell. Beyond merely hearing when someone is at your door, a smart doorbell provides the visual advantage of seeing the person knocking.

Advanced models even incorporate features such as face recognition and motion detection, enhancing the security of your home by allowing you to visually assess and decide whether to grant access.

Some smart doorbells go a step further, providing announcements when there are individuals outside your door.

This amalgamation of audio-visual capabilities not only streamlines your home’s security but also adds an extra layer of awareness to your living space.

Surveillance Camera

Surveillance Camera

In our current era, where crime rates are on the rise, prioritizing security is paramount. Safeguarding your family and the fruits of your labor requires a vigilant approach.

One effective means of bolstering security is through the installation of surveillance cameras around your home.

These cameras serve as vigilant guardians, keeping you informed about any activity within and around your residence.

By providing real-time monitoring, they empower you to stay alert to any unauthorized entry, enabling swift and necessary action to protect your home and loved ones.

Smart Door Lock

Smart Door Lock

While it may be humorously labeled as a solution for the “lazy” among us (hahaha), it’s important to note that not everyone utilizing this technology falls into that category.

The convenience of opening your door with a smartphone, for instance, isn’t about laziness but rather practicality.

It eliminates the need to navigate stairs simply to open the door for a pet or to greet someone arriving or departing.

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This streamlined approach minimizes unnecessary movements, contributing to a more efficient and comfortable home experience.

Android TV Box

Android TV Box

Essentially, an Android TV box is akin to a television accessory operating on the Android operating system, the same system powering your smartphone.

It seamlessly incorporates all the applications you use on your smartphone, drawing content from your home network, television, or the internet.

The process is straightforward: you project your smartphone activities onto the screen of the TV box.

This integration allows for a unified and versatile entertainment experience, bringing the functionalities of your smartphone to the larger display of your TV.

Smart Bulb

smart bulb

Introducing the Philips Hue light bulbs, an innovative lighting solution designed to be placed throughout your home, available in a diverse array of colors and sizes.

For those seeking a touch of artistry, there’s even a vintage design variant.

When you opt for the Philips Hue light bulbs, you also receive the Philips Hue Bridge. This essential component unlocks a plethora of amazing features, enhancing your overall lighting experience with advanced capabilities and customization options.


Where can I get smart devices to buy in Ghana?

You can get some of these smart devices from places like Kings reality Ltd in Osu and Elite audio, and video automation in Kumasi.


Exploring these smart devices is certainly worthwhile, as they not only introduce style but also elevate the security of your home.

Many of these devices are available at affordable prices, with some accessible at Vodafone offices and various tech shops across the country.

Consider incorporating these innovations to enhance both the aesthetic appeal and safety features of your living space.

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