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How To Sync Contacts Between iPhone And Mac

Have you ever considered the seamless synchronization of your contacts between your iPhone and Mac devices?

In the contemporary Ghanaian landscape, a substantial number of individuals utilize iPhones, often complemented by Mac devices.

A noteworthy portion of this demographic exhibits a profound affinity for Apple products, extending their allegiance to various electronic gadgets offered by the tech giant.

Today, we will delve into the intricacies of syncing contacts between an iPhone and a Mac device.

When contemplating the synchronization of contacts between your iPhone and Mac, there exist multiple methods to achieve this task. Let’s explore three distinct approaches to syncing your iPhone contacts with your Mac device.

Acquiring proficiency in the process of synchronizing contacts between your iPhone smartphone and Mac device holds significant relevance for users immersed in the Apple ecosystem.

How To Sync Contacts Between iPhone And Mac

Here is how you can sync your contacts from iPhone to Mac using iCloud. You will first need to login into the same iCloud account for your iPhone and the Mac.

  1. Go to the settings on your iPhone and then click on your name
  2. Turn on the ‘contacts’
  3. Now, tap on ‘Merge’
  4. On your Mac device, head to the Apple menu that can be found in the top left-hand corner
  5. Change the system preference to iCloud
  6. Now switch on the toggle next to ‘contacts’
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When The Contacts Fail To Sync

 When you are syncing contacts from your iPhone to the Mac, what you should know is that you are syncing both the iPhone and the Mac with iCloud.

So in case, you get into some trouble while trying to sync the contacts, these are the possible reasons for the trouble that you are facing.

  1. The iCloud storage full – when your iCloud storage gets full, then you will not be able to sync anything with the iCloud. The same goes for contacts as well. What you will have to do is to free up space so that you can sync the contacts
  2. Devices not logged into the same iCloud account – it could be that the iPhone and the Mac are not logged into the same iCloud account. They are probably logged into different iCloud accounts
  3. Syncing of contacts turned off – somehow, it could be that contact syncing has been turned off on one of the devices. This means that the syncing cannot go ahead. 

Forcing The Contact Syncing, How To Go About That

You can try forcing the contact syncing to happen through the following ways.

  1. Open the Contacts app on your iPhone
  2. scroll up the screen
  3. pull down with your finger until you see that the activity gear has started to refresh

if this does not work, try logging out of your iCloud and then log back in again.

  1. Go to the settings on your phone, tap your name and then click on sign out
  2. Restart the phone and then log back into the iCloud
  3. Go to settings
  4. To passwords and accounts
  5. Add account
  6. Click on iCloud and sign back in
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Send Contacts To Mac Without iCloud

You can also transfer the contact to your Mac without the use of iCloud. The only disadvantage here is that you will have to sync the contacts manually each time you update them on your phone

Through USB Cable

Before you do this, make sure that the iCloud contact sync has been turned off before you proceed. 

  1. Connect the iPhone to the Mac by using the USB cable
  2. Open the iTunes app on the Mac
  3. Select the iPhone icon that can be found in the top left corner
  4. Select ‘info’ on the sidebar
  5. Now check the ‘sync contacts’ box
  6. And then click on apply

Syncing Contacts to Mac Via Airdrop

This is another method that can be used to sync contacts between your iPhone and the Mac device. This is one of the fastest solutions you can get to use in syncing your contacts from your iPhone to your Mac device.

  1. Go to the contacts app
  2. Locate the contact you want to transfer
  3. Tap on ‘share contact’ to airdrop
  4. Choose mac
  5. Now select ‘accept’ on your mac

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there another way to sync contacts?

As of now, these are the only recommended ways through which you can sync contacts with your Mac


The methods for syncing contacts from your iPhone to your Mac device are straightforward and uncomplicated. The simplicity of these approaches aligns with their apparent ease of implementation.

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