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Best Free Music Apps For Android And iPhone

Music is everywhere today and can be easily accessed by almost anyone. 

Many people have devices like smartphones and tablets, which have a ton of music on them that they listen to. 

Some devices are made solely for the storing and playing of music. And now, there are apps everywhere on the internet that are used for downloading and playing music. 

However, like everything else out there, there are good music apps and bad music apps. 

We have compiled some of the best music-playing apps in this article to help you find the best apps to stream the music released by your favorite musicians.

Here Are The Best Music Streamings Apps For Both Android And IOS 


Tidal is one of the recent music apps that allow users to stream an unlimited amount of music. 

Although it is behind Spotify and Apple Music in terms of market leadership, Tidal has quickly established itself as one of the best streaming services available for anyone who loves quality music. 

It offers its listeners breathtaking sounds that you cannot find anywhere else. 

Its curated playlist has been set up so that users can see under-the-radar right alongside their favorite musicians. This app is indeed worth a try.


Shazam is an app unlike any other on the internet. The app can detect a particular song that you are hearing outside but cannot remember the song’s name. 

The app will detect and show you which song you are listening to, and it will also show you where you can get to stream that particular music playing. 

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Shazam can also give you the actual lyrics of that particular song you are listening to.


Many people consider Spotify to be the leader in the music market for streaming music. 

The app has recently passed a landmark of 100 million users paying for the music they stream on the app. 

That is not a small feat in the music world. Spotify boasts of the giant size of a music library that only a few other music streaming services like Apple Music can compete with. 

Spotify also has a free tier through which users can explore the catalog it offers, but they will have to deal with ads since it is free. 

Users can also make their playlist on the free tier.

Apple Music

Apple Music is the other giant in the music streaming service alongside Spotify. 

This app is known worldwide and cannot be left out when we are talking about quality music streaming services. 

You can find more than 30 million songs in the Apple Music library. 

Users can also stream the music offline by downloading it to listen to the music even when they are not online. 

Users can also get access to Beats One Radio and all its celebrity shows. 

This is undoubtedly the app for people who have a lot of music collections that they need to have on the go.


Deezer is another music streaming app with a lot of music in the region of 50million tracks. 

It also has a flow feature that all the music you listen to and then creates a playlist with the favorite artists that the user seems to be very much into. 

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The streaming app also offers an upgraded HiFi subscription, allowing users to listen to high-quality FLAC versions of almost all of their favorite music.


Audiomack is one of the most popular music streaming apps globally at the moment. 

Although it is not on the level of Spotify and Apple music, it ranks right behind them. 

Users can get access to many music catalogs from the majority of their favorite musicians, and they can also stream the music offline by downloading it onto their devices. 

Wanting an Audiomack free of ads will require a user to pay for the app. Its user interface is reasonably easy to navigate, and you find what you are looking for right away.


Soundcloud is one of the oldest music streaming apps in existence. 

Soundcloud was one of the apps used by record executives to discover up-and-coming musicians who were not yet signed to any record label. 

Users could also follow their favorite artists and can create their playlists as well. 

The app’s best feature is the ability of young musicians to upload their music and share it with everyone else.

So these are some of the most popular music streaming apps available to download. 

These apps are taking the whole music streaming market to a different level. Please note that some of these apps are not free to use.


If you have been searching for the best music streaming apps, this article covered everything you need to know.

In this article, we covered the most favorite music apps and also dived into how they operate.

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We hope the article has helped you choose the best music streaming app for your music streaming needs.

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