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How To Write In Different Fonts On Twitter (Step-By-Step Guide)

We all once a time want to stand out, even on social media. That is why in this article, we will cover how to write in different fonts on Twitter. This article is also the same as changing your username and bio font.

Twitter is a fun place to be. With all the latest trends, funny videos, and jokes, the platform makes it hard to leave when you join.

Twitter has over 206 million active monthly users, and definitely, you are definitely one of them, so the question is, how do you stand out?

Twitter is mainly known for tweeting (texts). Although you can share videos and images, you will see more texts when you scroll through your Twitter feeds than the rest, you can also read about how to recover deleted messages from Twitter

And to make your account stand out, you can decide to write in different fonts. One will ask, why write in different fonts on Twitter? Let’s dive into the benefits of writing in different fonts on Twitter.

Benefits Of Writing In Different Fonts On Twitter 

Increases Followers

As you already know, everyone on Twitter uses the same font, so when you decide to tweet and reply to comments with different fonts, you are going to stand out, this will make people want to follow you so that they can see more of your tweets and your fonts. Also, note that it’s easy to make money on Twitter if you get followers, and getting more followers also involves creating better tweets and threads.

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Gives You More Visits

Aside from increasing your followers, people are going to visit your profile. This will make Twitter recommend your profile to many people because they will see your account is engaging.

People Will Tend To Engage On Your Tweets

When your fonts are different, they will catch the eyes of many users. Some will want to read more of the fonts. Some will comment, like, and retweet because your tweets stand out. Others will comment and ask you how you did it.

So How Do You Write In Different Fonts On Twitter?

Now let’s dive into how to stand out on Twitter by making your Username and tweets stand out with different fonts.

  1. Visit Fancy Fonts’ website    
  2. You will see a field asking you to Type Your Text, now type in what you want to post on Twitter. It could be a tweet you want to make or a reply to someone’s tweet.
  3. Now go through the fonts. When you get the one you like, click on Copy. 
  4. Now head over to Twitter, click on the What’s Happening Tab or your bio, and if you want to reply to a tweet, locate that tweet.
  5. Now paste your copied text and Hit the Tweet/Reply/Save button (depending on what you are doing with the font)
  6. After your tweet goes live, you will see your fonts being different from the normal ones on the app.
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But what if you also want to change your Twitter name font? Let’s dive into that one, too, using that same website.

How To Change Your Twitter Name Font 

  1. Visit Fancy Fonts website  
  2. Type in your Username or the new Username you want to use 
  3. Go through the available fonts and copy the one you like 
  4. Head over to Twitter and select Your Profile
  5. Click on Edit Profile
  6. On your Username tab, paste your copied fonts and click on Save. 

But what if you don’t like the fonts you see on Fancy fonts? Well, don’t worry, other sites have fantastic fonts to choose from and with these fonts, all you have to do is visit, type your text or Username, and then copy them. You then head over to Twitter to paste.

These other sites are:

You should note when changing your Username or tweeting in different fonts because it is sometimes difficult for people who are blind or have low vision to see it.


Now you don’t have to worry about making your fonts different on Twitter. Many sites allow you to convert your text to any fonts you like.

In this article, we covered how to write in different fonts on Twitter. These fonts can be applied to your Username, bio, and even your tweets.

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