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Google Chrome Now Has A Free PDF Editor For Users

Google Chrome users will now be getting a free PDF editor. The new free PDF will be made available on google chrome by the software giant, Adobe.

The new free PDF editor is an extension that allows google chrome users to make changes to PDF files on the google chrome browser.

According to Adobe, this new extension will offer users “the most comprehensive set of PDF tools right in the browser.”

The announcement of this new google chrome extension means that google chrome users who usually deal with PDF files will no longer need to download a separate Adobe Acrobat PDF editor before making changes to PDF files.

Users will now be able to do all of that and many more right on the google chrome browser without much fuss. 

The New Google Chrome PDF Editor

The new Adobe Acrobat PDF editor, an extension in google chrome, will also be available to Windows users.

Windows users will be able to access the extension in their Microsoft Edge browser. The new pdf tool will now make it easier for people and solve one of the annoying issues of looking for a pdf editor or reader whenever someone sends you a pdf.

The tool allows an easy view of all pdf files in a much smoother manner than ever before. 

You will be able to download a pdf file and then share it easily with your friends and co-workers without needing an attachment.

Users will also be able to quickly add comments, highlights, and drawings to a pdf file in a browser window through the dropdown pane.

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The update will also allow users to sign documents without the need for any third-party app digitally. This means you can even fill out a form online digitally and efficiently.

Users can also rotate, delete, and reorder pdf images to suit them or better viewing and make printing easier.

They can also use the new pdf tool to convert pdf files into Microsoft document files without losing the formatting.

Web pages can also be turned into pdf files and saved for viewing later or sharing with other people. The tools will also allow users to do many different things to web pages. 

Microsoft edge by Microsoft will also add a feature known as ‘save as pdf,’ which will allow users to save pdf fast. This feature is already available in Microsoft Word.   


The new pdf tool update coming to google chrome and Microsoft edge will change the way users interact with pdf files on their browsers.

Users will now be able to save web pages as a pdf file so that they can view them later on with the new update tool.

If you are using google chrome or Microsoft Edge, you may want to upgrade to the latest versions of each browser as soon as possible.

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