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What Is Baidu? An Introduction To The Biggest Search Engine In China

In our local landscape, Google stands as the most familiar search engine, omnipresent in almost every online corner.

However, a myriad of other search engines exists, some of which may not be well-known on our side of the globe due to their limited operation in our region.

While Google is undoubtedly a giant, it’s not the sole contender on the global stage. Enter Baidu, a search engine dominating the Chinese market.

Founded in China, Baidu shares similarities with Google in terms of features and services. China’s strict control over tech companies has granted Baidu a virtual monopoly, especially considering the blockage of Google and other U.S.-owned tech firms from operating within the country.

Unlike Google, Baidu adheres to Chinese government regulations by censoring search results, reflecting the unique digital landscape shaped by governmental policies.

Delving Deeper into Baidu’s Realm

Baidu, currently ranking as the world’s 6th largest search engine and the foremost in China, made history by becoming the first Chinese company listed on NASDAQ in December 2007.

Beyond standard search services, Baidu offers a diverse array of products, including maps, music, video, antivirus software, internet TV, encyclopedia, and news.

Much like Google, Baidu sustains its revenue through advertising. Advertisers bid on keywords to trigger their ads, and they can also opt for priority ad placement by paying accordingly.

While Baidu commands the Chinese market, it does face competition from the likes of Google Hong Kong, Yahoo! China, and Microsoft Bing. Despite Google being banned in mainland China, it remains accessible in neighboring regions such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau.

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The dynamic interplay between these search engines reflects the intricate global tech landscape.

History Of Baidu

In January 2000, the journey of Baidu commenced through the collaborative efforts of two visionaries, Robin Li and Eric Xu.

Since its inception, Baidu has evolved into one of China’s premier tech companies, boasting a diverse portfolio that spans internet-related services and cutting-edge artificial intelligence research.

The company’s headquarters is situated in the Haidian district of Beijing, reflecting its roots in the bustling capital city.

Over the years, Baidu has ascended the global tech echelons, currently securing its position as the 6th largest tech company worldwide.

Other Products Offered by Baidu

Beyond its prominence as a search engine and tech giant, Baidu extends its reach through various divisions, enhancing its value proposition for users worldwide.

One notable arm is the DU Apps Studio, a division dedicated to the development of mobile applications. With a user base exceeding 2 billion globally, these mobile apps cater to a diverse range of needs and preferences, contributing to Baidu’s significant influence in the mobile app landscape.

Complementing its expansive product portfolio, Baidu operates the DU Ad Platform, a robust advertising platform.

This platform serves as a gateway for advertisers to reach Baidu’s vast user base effectively. Through strategic advertising initiatives, Baidu leverages its position to connect businesses with their target audiences.

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These ventures underscore Baidu’s commitment to diversification and innovation, solidifying its standing as a multifaceted tech company with a global impact.

Baidu And Artificial Intelligence

Baidu stands at the forefront of artificial intelligence and self-driving technology through its ambitious Apollo Project.

This initiative represents a leading AI program and self-driving project that brings together a formidable consortium of global partners.

The Apollo Project boasts an impressive collaboration with over 210 global partners, making it one of the largest initiatives of its kind globally.

Among the notable participants in this groundbreaking endeavor are esteemed tech giants, including Microsoft, Intel, Daimler AG, Grab, Hyundai, Honda, ZTE, Ford, and Nvidia.

This collaborative effort signifies a collective stride towards advancing autonomous driving technology and artificial intelligence.

By pooling the expertise of diverse industry leaders, the Apollo Project not only demonstrates Baidu’s commitment to innovation but also showcases the power of global collaboration in shaping the future of mobility and AI.


Baidu is no doubt one of the biggest tech companies in the world and you have now acquainted yourself with the tech giant. You can check them and see.    

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