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How To Use Your Microsoft Account By Bypassing The Password

Passwords indeed play a pivotal role in securing our digital presence, encompassing a wide array of accounts from emails to banking services.

While they are a fundamental aspect of digital security, the inconvenience of managing and remembering passwords is a sentiment shared by many.

The concept of a passwordless future, as advocated by Microsoft, has gained traction as an alternative security approach.

Recently, Microsoft introduced a feature allowing users to access their Microsoft accounts without the need for a password.

Although this feature was initially rolled out to enterprise users in March, it is now extending to a broader user base.

This move marks a step towards a more user-friendly and secure authentication method, reducing the reliance on traditional passwords.

Embracing passwordless alternatives aligns with the ongoing efforts to enhance digital security while addressing the challenges associated with traditional password-based systems.

You can now make use of this amazing feature. Just follow the steps listed below.

How To Use A Microsoft Account Without A Password

Follow the steps below to set your Microsoft account to use without having to type in a password.

  1. Go to your play store app or Apple app store and download ‘Microsoft authenticator app’
  2. Now switch on your desktop computer and open your browser. Enter your Microsoft account and then click on ‘security’
  3. Now, click on ‘get started’ this can be found in the advanced security  
  4. Now go to the additional security option and look for ‘passwordless account’ and turn it on. This will remove the need for a password
  5. Click ‘next’ on the pop-up
  6. Now, go back to your smartphone and look at the Microsoft authenticator app you downloaded. Approve the password removal request by tapping on ‘approve’ on the app
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And that is it. You are done removing the password option from your Microsoft accounts. You will now be able to use your Microsoft account without typing in a password.

However, be careful if you share the computer with other people so that no one can go in snooping around your business.

The use of this feature is ideal for people who use their computers and alone and do not frequently share them.


So that is how you can get a Microsoft account without a password. The steps listed are surely quite easy to follow. There are more such educating tech articles on this site so make sure to visit for more after reading this one.   

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