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How To Make Android Device Boot Quicker (Guide)

Android is one of the biggest mobile operating systems in the world right now. It seems the only mobile operating systems that are known today are android and IOS.

These two have had a ‘fight’ since a decade ago as to whether one was better than the other. Well, that is not what we are here to talk about today.

My mission here today is to show you how you can get your android device to switch on faster than it does at the moment.

Some android devices take more than a minute to start when you switch them on.

Am sure a lot of you did not know that you can get it to this. In this article, we are going to look at how you can make your device boot faster.

How To Make Your Android Boot Quicker

There are some things that you will have to do to make your android device boot faster and they are:

Clean Home Screen

If your home screen is filled with so many apps and other useless things like an iPhone home screen, then your android will not be able to boot faster.

This is because all these slow the phone down when it is booting since it will have to load the home screen.

So make sure to remove any useless apps and widgets that you do not use for the home screen.

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Uninstall them if you do not even use them on the phone. 

Unused Apps Should Be Disabled

Apps that are not in use should be disabled or uninstalled, especially the apps that work in the background looking for updates. These slow the phone down when it is booting. To have a look at your apps, just go to settings and then tap on ‘apps’. you will see the ones that need to be disabled by looking at their permissions or what they do.

Minimize Auto-sync

This feature is a good one as it helps to pull data from the accounts on your android. Although it is good, it affects the performance of your device and battery life.

So when it is not in use, you should make sure to turn it off.

Third-party Android Launchers

One of the best reasons why people love Android is the level of customization that users can do to their devices.

With Android, you can make several changes to the device like getting a launcher that you prefer instead of using the default one.

These third-party launchers can be downloaded from the android store for free.

However, using third-party launchers is not advisable if you want your device to run fast. They also delay the device when it is switching on.

So avoid the android launchers so the device can boot faster.

Cleaning Internal Storage

The internal storage also needs to clear all apps that are not needed. The days when only 500MB was needed by android devices to make installations are past now.

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Today, some games take up as much as 1GB of space to install. Games like BGMI need more than 2GB of space on your device before they can be installed.

All this makes the android run slow when it is booting.

However, cleaning up the internal storage will boost the performance of the device. You will see that the device has become faster.

So if you want to make your device boot faster, you should clean out the internal storage of apps that are not needed.


So now you know how to make your android device run fasten a boot faster. When an android device is filled with so many useless apps and other things, it tends to run slowly.

This is why it is best to buy a phone with a bigger storage size when you are looking for a new phone.

This is because about a quarter of the space on the phone is already taken up by the pre-installed apps when you first switch a new phone on. 

I hope this article was helpful to you. make sure to come back for more tech articles.       

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