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How To Add A Pen Menu To Your Windows 11 Taskbar

If you are using a Windows 11 machine, you are probably not aware that you can add a pen menu to your Windows 11 taskbar. If you have already found this out then you are good to go. However, for those who do not know how to get this done, this article will show you exactly how to do that.

Note that this article is for those who are using a windows touch screen machine with the windows 11 operating system installed on it. The pen menu can be very useful, especially when you need such a tool to complete your work.

It also comes with a shortcut to some applications on your machine. So if you have noticed that the pen menu does not appear in your taskbar, I am going to show you how to make it appear there. 

How To Add The Pen Menu To Your Taskbar

To add the pen menu to your taskbar, there are some simple steps that you will have to follow. Here are the steps below. Please follow them carefully.

  1. Rightclick on the taskbar and then go to settings
  2. Now, go to personalization and then to the taskbar
  3. Now go to ’taskbar corner icons’
  4. You will see ‘pen menu’ with a switch beside it
  5. Turn that switch on to activate the pen menu to appear in the taskbar 

After this has been done, you will now see that a small pen icon has appeared in the taskbar. This pen icon can be seen in the lower right corner of the screen near to the left of the clock.

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Tapping on the pin icon, you will see a small pop-up menu that will show you shortcuts to the Microsoft whiteboard, snip & sketch, pen settings, and pen help. All these are shortcuts in the pen menu. You can change and choose the shortcuts that you prefer to appear there by going to the ‘Edit pen menu’.

How To Remove Pen Menu From The Taskbar

If you later feel like removing the pen menu from the taskbar, you can do so quite easily just like how you were able to make it appear there in the first place. Follow the same steps as shown above in this article.

However, instead of turning the pen menu on by switching it on, you will be switching it off. After this is done, the pen menu icon will then disappear from the taskbar.


So this is how you activate the pen menu and cause it to appear in the taskbar in your windows 11 machine. Please remember that you must be using a touch screen device and have the windows11 operating system installed on it.


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