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Here Is How You Can Create A Fake Email Account

Everyone knows what an email address is, and almost everyone has one in this modern world. 

Because without an email address in today’s world, one cannot create an account on most social media sites. 

Email is a type of digital identification through which a person can send and receive digital Mail. Due to this, having an email account is very important. 

However, one can create an email address that does not need the validation of personal information details. 

This email will get deleted as soon as what you are doing is finished. This kind of email is possible to create, known as a fake email. 

The fake email address gets erased 10 minutes after using it. If you want to create one of these email addresses, read on.

How To Get A Fake Email Address

To get a fake email account, there are some websites that you will have to visit first. 

On these websites, you will create a fake email that will be disposed of after use. Here are the sites you can use below. Just look through and choose the one that meets your fancy.

10-Minute Mail

This site is a random email generator to get a temporary email address. Emails that are sent to that address will be shown on the webpage. 

You will be able to read and reply to such emails. The email address you get here will expire after 10 minutes have passed. 

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There is no need to create an account on the site before getting the email address.


This is one of the most user-friendly sites for a fake email. You will only be required to input the details used to create the email address. 

You can also send email attachments up to 150MB on this website. You can use the email given here to verify on some websites that require the use of an email address.


On this website, you will create an email address for free and can be used whenever you are asked to provide an email address. Emails received here are deleted after a few hours.


If you want to register for a website, but you do not want to use your real email address, you can use the one you get from here—spam filters made by Heluna power this site.

Mail Catch

This is one of the best sites to get a temporary email address. The email address you get here can also be used to sign in for some websites if you do not feel like giving in your email address for fear of being shared with advertisers.

Fake Mail Generator

This website is similar to the first one on this list as they operate similarly. 

You can use the email addresses created here for various logins functions.


Another website gives you an email address that can be used to register for websites. This is for people who do not like to register for websites with their actual email addresses.

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People who register for this service are given temporary email addresses. You can use this email address to register for any website if you do not trust to provide them with your actual email. Nada is also a free service.

My Temp Mail

This is one of the best sites to get a temporary email address that can be used for various verification functions. 

The email you create will stay valid for 24 hours from the last time it was visited. After that, you will need to visit the URL to keep it active. 


So these are some of the best websites through which you can create a fake email account.

Note that this article is not to help anyone conduct any nefarious activities, and it is purely for educational purposes and should be treated as such. 

Indulging in any illegal activities will solely be your burden. For more tech tutorials, you can check out how to use WhatsApp without a phone number, how to use your android as a keyboard, and also how to see the full specs of your windows 11.

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