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How To Use Your Android Device As A Keyboard And Mouse

For people who own laptop computers, it is a known fact that one of the disturbing things they can encounter is when they have to adjust the keyboard and mouse, or in this case, the touchpad. 

Many laptop users prefer to attach a wireless mouse to the computer instead of using the touchpad as it is more ergonomic. 

However, most of you are not aware that they can use their android devices or smartphones as keyboards and mouse instead of wireless ones. 

Several benefits come with using an android device to act as a wireless keyboard or mouse for your computer. Some of those benefits are:

  • You can control the computer from your bed
  • You do not need to mouse or keyboard with you when you travel
  • It can be used as a good backup when a wireless mouse or keyboard dies

We will share some tips on how you can turn your android device into a wireless mouse for your computer in this article. 

Note that you will need to get some third-party apps before for this hack to work. However, it would help if you did not worry about security since all apps we will list here have already been tested for any security issues. 

They will not pose a threat to your device in any way. With that now out of the way, let us look at how we can set up our android devices to act as a wireless remote keyboard or mouse for our computers. 

Using The Android Device As A Wireless Remote Mouse 

With the remote mouse, your android smartphone is turned into a wireless user-friendly remote control that you can use to control your computer. 

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You will be astonished to see that this comes with a fully simulated touchpad, a keyboard, and remote panels that make it easier to have a simple, efficient, and better experience. 

To turn your android smartphone into a wireless remote device for your computer, please follow the steps below.

  1. Before starting, you will have to download the remote mouse client and have it installed on your windows computer.
  2. After that, you have to download and install the remote mouse app on your android smartphone.
  3. You will have to make sure that your Android smartphone and the windows computer are connected to the same wifi network.
  4. Now, open the remote app on your android smartphone, and you will see your computer shown there.
  5. You will also see a screen that serves as the mouse touchpad where you will glide your fingers to control things on the computer.
  6. You can tap on the keyboard to open it and start typing away.

And there you go, you have now turned your android smartphone into a mouse and keyboard with the remote control software. 

Using Wifi Mouse

You can also transform your android smartphone into a wireless mouse, trackpad, and keyboard for your computer. 

With this method, you will control your windows, Mac, or Linux computer without much effort. 

All this will be done through a local area connection network. Let us now look at the steps needed to make this a reality. 

  1. You will first have to download and install ‘Wifi mouse (keyboard trackpad)’ on your android device. After installing, please open it.
  2. You will be prompted to download the mouse server from a website which you will have to do. You will install it on your computer after downloading. This is the website
  3. Like the previous method, you will have to make sure that your computer and mouse have been connected to the same wifi network.
  4. Afterwards, open the app, and it will search for your computer and detect it. Tap on your computer
  5. You will then see the screen from where you will control your computer. This will be the mouse touchpad.
  6. To access the keyboard, tap on the menu and then choose ‘keyboard.’
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It looks as easy as it was read. With these two methods, you can quickly turn your computer into a wireless mouse and keyboard to control your computer. Do you know you can use your Microsoft Edge browser to solve maths equations? Click here to read how to do that magic.

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