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How You Can Use Your MTN Mobile Money To Purchase Apps On Google Play

The advancement of technology has reached almost every sphere of life on earth. A few years ago, you could not purchase anything if you were not paying for it physically. 

However, as technology kept evolving and changing how things were done, we made payments for goods and services also changed. 

People can now pay for goods and services through their mobile phones and deliver them. 

However, the introduction of the MTN mobile money system made it easier for people in Ghana to make payments.

In the case of buying apps from google play, one could see that it was only available to people who were using the Airteltigo cash system and not the MTN mobile money system

However, that is not the case anymore as the MTN mobile money system kept advancing to make its usage more appealing to the public. The MTN mobile money system has been integrated with google play to make it easy for its users to purchase apps smoothly without worrying about how they would make their payments. 

This is because most mobile money users in the country are on the MTN mobile money system. 

In Ghana, not everyone has a bank account, and even the majority of those who have a bank account do not have enough money to facilitate withdrawals. 

Getting cards is also not something most Ghanaians can do quickly to make online transactions. 

This has made the integration of the MTN mobile money system with google play an essential addition to their services. 

People can now purchase apps buying making payments for the app through their mobile phones. Of course, they should be the MTN mobile money service users before anyone can enjoy this service. 

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They must also have a google account because you cannot access google play on any android device if you do not have a google account. 

How To Purchase Apps With MTN Mobile Money

So you are looking through google, and you came across an app you like. Unfortunately, unlike most free apps on google play, this particular app you need is not free, so you have to pay for it. 

That is when your MTN mobile money comes into play. To make payment for the app, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to google play store by opening the app
  2. Click on the menu icon. This can be located on the left side
  3. Choose account and tap on payment methods
  4. Select MTN mobile money you will receive an SMS. Do not worry. There will be no charge associated with that SMS
  5. After you have gotten the SMS, enter your name, street address and city
  6. Click on ‘save’, and the process will be completed

After you are done setting the payment method, you will start purchasing apps on the google play store.

You should note that setting your payment method is a one-time process. Once this is done, you will be able to purchase apps from the google play store anytime as long as you have enough money to pay for the apps in your MTN mobile money account.

Another Way

If you cannot get access to the settings in google play for some unknown reason. 

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Do not worry. You can still set the payment method inside your phone. Follow the steps below for that.

  1. Go to the settings in your phone
  2. Now, go to accounts
  3. Open google settings
  4. Choose preferences and then add ‘payment methods

It will work just the same way as when it was done on the google play settings.

  • Conclusion

Making payments for apps through mobile has now become more accessible for people to purchase their favorite apps. 

The only sad thing about this is that it is not available to IOS and Windows users at the moment. However, we are sure it will be made available to IOS very soon. 

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