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One reason the majority of people use Android is the fact that it gives the user full control to explore every feature in it.

Such as installing any android app from any source, screen pining, changing your phone transition and if you are more into technology you can root the android device you are using (at your own risk). 

On this article, I am going to guide you on how to enable screen pinning on android 8 and 9 Device or any android version.

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What Is Screen pining? 

Screen pinning is a feature in an android phone that allows you to pin a specific screen on the phone screen, this keeps the other apps locked and can’t be operated, making the only pinned app to function.

This feature is very useful to people who give their phone to people. also if you are a parent and you kid wants to play a game on your phone, all you have to do is to pin that specific game and your kid cant navigate to anywhere except only playing that game.


How to Enable Screen Pinning on Your Android Device


  • Go to Settings on your Android devicescreen pining settings - How To Enable Screen Pining On Android


  • Scroll down to Security & Location and tap on it.screen pining step 2 security - How To Enable Screen Pining On Android
  • Then Scroll down until you see screen pining, tap on it.screen pining step 3 - How To Enable Screen Pining On Android

Slide to ON it.screen pining on - How To Enable Screen Pining On Android


How To Pin A specific App

  • To pin an app tap on the overview button (it is the first control button on android)screen pining overview - How To Enable Screen Pining On Android


  • Let us say I am going to pin photos in these steps. we have to make the PHOTOS app be the first running app and then we select the pin icon.screen pining - How To Enable Screen Pining On Android

Then the PHOTOS app will be pinned. And that will be the only program that will be running. 


How To Unpin The App?

To unpin the app touch and hold the back and overview to unpin. screen pining overview and back button - How To Enable Screen Pining On Android

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