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How You Can Check The Full Specs Of Your Windows 11 Machine

The windows 11 operating system is the new OS from tech giant Microsoft, and it was released recently. 

The new operating system has been refined to look better than its predecessors. It comes with a lot more features than the previous. 

However, the new operating system is still under test, which means that the final product is yet to be released to the general public. 

This means that there are times when you will encounter some errors and bugs while using the new OS because it is a preview build version you are running. 

For those who have already gotten their hands on the new operating system, you will notice that the default systems properties page has been removed from windows explorer by the tech maker. 

This pic will present you with the system panel instead. 

But there is nothing to be alarmed of at the moment because you can still check the specs on windows 11. You can still check the amount of RAM you have on the machine or your device’s kind of CPU. 

Below is how you can get this done. We will make use of the system settings option to check the full specs of the computer. 

Follow the steps below to check the full specifications of your computer.

How You Can Check The Full Specs Of Your Windows 11 Machine

  1. Right-click on the windows start button
  2. Choose ‘settings’ Choose ‘system’ on the left panel.
  3. Scroll down and choose ‘about.’
  4. You will see a device specification section where you will view the specs of the processor and RAM that your computer has.
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How To Check Windows 11 Specs With The RUN Command 

You can also use the RUN command method to check the specification of your computer on the new windows 11. 

You can do this by using the dialogue box. Follow the simple steps below to use the command prompt to check the full specifications of your windows 11 computer.

  1. Press the Windows key together with the ‘R’ key
  2. Enter the word ‘dxdiag’ inside the space provided and then press enter
  3. You will see a system tab that will display details about the BIOS version, the motherboard, the processor, and the RAM of your computer
  4. To check the graphics specs of your machine, choose the ‘display’ tab to see it

Checking Windows 11 Specs With Command Prompt

You can also use the command prompt to check the full specs of your Windows 11 computer. Use the simple steps below to get that done.

  1. Open the windows search and type ‘CMD.’
  2. Choose ‘Run as administrator.
  3. Type ‘system info’ on the command prompt
  4. You will see a display of all the components that have been installed on your machine.


Through the above-stated methods, you will be able to view the specs of your windows 11 machines without much hassle. As you can see, checking the steps on your device is much easier than you probably thought. 

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