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How Many Articles Can I Post Per Day On Opera News Hub?

Opera news hub is known as a platform where you can submit your content and get paid in return.

I have written many Opera news hub guides such as how to write for the opera news hub and get paid, how to create an article on the opera news hub, the best time to publish on the opera news hub and also step by step guide on publishing your first article on Opera news hub.

In this article, I am going to take you through how many articles you can post per day on the Opera news hub.

I will also guide you on tips that you need to follow in order to avoid getting your articles rejected.

One thing you need to know about opera news hub is that anytime you submit an article, it gets reviewed by its editors. 

This is done to make sure all articles are free from plagiarism, hateful or the contents are not defamatory.

So once you hit publish on opera news hub, your article will be Pending review.

An editor will be assigned to review your article and then approve it if it does not go against their publishing guidelines.

So How Many Articles Can You Post A Day On Opera News Hub?

Opera news hub writers can submit 3 articles per day while those that have been on the platform for a long time can post 5 articles a day.

When opera news was first launched in Ghana, every writer was allowed to submit 5 articles a day, however, many people were submitting content without even going through them which led to the editors having to reject many articles.

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The reason why they reduced it to three for the newcomers is for them to make good use of their three chances daily.

New users who know they can only submit three articles a day will be very careful when submitting their articles because once they get rejected, they will have to wait the next day before they can post again.

For newcomers or let me say the ones that can post only three times a day, here is how to make sure Opera news hub does not reject your article:

  • Go through your article before submitting it, and make sure it is error-free and it is easy to read.
  • Make sure your article is original and not copied 
  • If you are submitting breaking news, make sure to add images or pictures to back your breaking news, this will help you get approved fast and once your breaking news gets approved fast, you are going to get more clicks and earn more.

If you know how to write content, you can click here to message a friend who is good at connecting website owners and content writers.

Let him know the kind of content you can write and he will definitely connect you to a website for you to start writing and getting paid. You can also contact me through our contact us page and have a chat with me.


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Opera news hub makes it easy for anybody to submit content and get paid, the platform pays writers based on the number of clicks and engagements.

But before your article gets published, Opera news hub will review your article and after that, your article will be approved.

Writers are also limited on the number of articles that they can post on the platform every day and in this article we covered the most asked question about the opera news hub which is knowing how many articles writers can submit a day.

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