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How To Write For Opera News Hub And Get Paid In Ghana: Step By Step Guide

If you are in Ghana, I believe you have ever asked yourself this question, how can I make money writing for Opera news hub?

How can I make money online? you might have heard of opera news and wonder how the writers make money.

I believe you have searched and watched so many videos but couldn’t find what you are looking for, well this article is definitely for you.

This article will take you through how to make money writing for Opera News Hub and after going through this article, you can also check out our full guide on making money online in Ghana aside from Opera News Hub.

I write for Opera News, and after getting paid each month, I used to share my payment screenshots with my friends to motivate them to start writing.

This has made many people question how it works and how they can also earn like me, so I have taken it upon myself to write this article, taking you through everything step-by-step. At the end of this article, you will be educated and start writing for Opera news hub and start making money on the platform.

But before diving into how to earn money from this platform, let’s first take some time to go through what that platform is and how it works (I know you are in a hurry to start earning, so I will make it a quick one).

So What Is Opera News Hub, And How Does It Work?

Opera News Hub is a platform that helps individuals and bloggers set up a channel, write about what interests them, tell the world what is happening in their region, and, in return, earn money based on the engagement from those articles.

Opera browser developers developed the Opera news hub, and when it comes to browsers, the Opera browser is one of the best browsers with over 100 million downloads.

If you start writing on the opera news app, your content will reach millions of its users because it will be distributed on all mobile opera products.

This will let you earn more money because earnings are based on clicks and how people stay on your article (we will talk more about this later in the article).

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Also, if you are a blogger and decide to write for opera news, it will help you get more direct traffic to your website and gain your website more exposure.

Opera news hub started in Nigeria in October 2019, and after six months, it had over 40,000 users writing content and cashing out every month.

How Does Opera Make Money?

Opera makes money from search engines and advertisers. Search engines bid opera developers to make their website a default search engine with opera browsers.

In Russia, Yandex is the popular search engine, Baidu is the default search engine in China, and Google covers the rest of the world.

With the opera news hub, the platform makes money from ads, ads are displayed in between articles that will be published, and opera news will be shared with its publishers at the end of the month.

How Do You Make Money From Opera News

To make money on opera news, you will need to write articles that generate more clicks, shares, and comments.

Like I said earlier, in the opera news hub, your earnings are based on how people read, stay on your page, and interact with your articles.

If you know how to write content, you can click here to message a friend who is good at connecting website owners and content writers.

Let him know the kind of content you can write and he will connect you to a website for you to start writing and getting paid. You can also contact me through our Contact Us page and have a chat with me.

Tips That Will Help You Generate More Revenue On Opera News Hub

Write On Trending Stories 

Yes, people like to read about what is trending. Also, make sure your articles are uniquely easy to understand, and don’t write articles that are less than 150 words. 

Writing a lengthy article will make people stay on your article for a longer time which at the end of the month, will increase your monthly payment because opera adds to the time spent on your article when it comes to calculating your monthly income (we will talk about how earnings are calculated later in this article)

Write On What You Know Best 

This is one thing that is going to help you if you want to maximize your earnings on the platform, everybody has what they know how to do best, I am into tech, and I like to write about how to do things, so since I am into tech, I write on what I know and do best. 

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This will let the readers love your articles and follow your channel for more stories.

Writing on anything you will come across in different niches won’t help you on the platform as people won’t get to know what you are good at.

Encourage Your Readers To Follow You

Anytime you make a new post, opera shares are based on the Category and interest of its platform users, so it will distribute it to the users that have shown interest in the article you have written.

When someone clicks on your article and enjoys it, you might want them to revisit your channel, so you must encourage this reader to follow you. 

One advantage of getting followers is that anytime you make a new post, opera will first distribute it to your followers and then distribute it to the random users who are not following you.

Share Your Articles

After publishing an article, the platform will do its best to show your articles to as many people as possible, but the AI will track how users click on the articles.

To get more clicks, you will also have to do your part by sharing the article with your friends and families, groups, and anybody you think would want to read that article, remember the more clicks you will get, the higher your chance of earning more.

How To Join And Earn Money On Opera News Hub

  1. Visit, choose your country, and click on Login / SignUp.
  2. Now choose whether to join with your Google Account or Facebook.
  3. Confirm your Login Account by choosing your country and clicking on Confirm.
  4. On the Account Information tab, type in your username (also known as your WeMedia name), Category (what you are good at writing), your channel logo, and Biography. Also, note that you are limited to the only Category you choose. You can write anything you want on the platform.
  5. Now fill in your Author information such as your Legal first and last name, email, phone number, bank account number or mobile money number (tick the one you want to get paid through), ID number, and then Referral code (the person who referred you, you can use mine which is KJKGYGM or leave it blank).
  6. After successful signup, you will be taken to your dashboard, now to start writing, click on Create on the top left.
  7. Now type in your Article title and then the content. After that, select a Thumbnail and then choose a topic. (A topic is a Category and what your niche is about). Preview your article and then click on Draft or Submit when you are done.
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The opera news editors will review it, and if it is perfect, it will be published. If they find any mistakes or corrections that need to be made, they will reject the article and tell you the reason to work on it and resubmit.

Images Taking You Through How To Join Opera News Hub

Example Of Approved Articles

approved article

Example Of Rejected Articles

rejected article

Wondering how to write an article that will get you more clicks like this? Hers is an article on the best guidelines to create a post on the opera news hub that will generate more clicks. Also, if you find it difficult to understand some words and what to do when it comes to writing on the hub, here is an article taking you through the Opera News hub dashboard.

Types Of Articles That Will Be Rejected

  • Articles with poorly written headlines.
  • Articles containing grammatical errors.
  • Articles that talk about ethnic hatred and discrimination.
  • Articles that go against editorial and opera news best practices.
  • Articles that are written to expose the state’s sensitive information.
  • Articles that are prohibited by the country’s law.
  • Articles that promote violence.
  • Articles deemed clickbait, e.g., titles that come with Amazing, SUPRISE, Unbelievable, OMG. You Won’t Believe This.

How To Calculate My Earnings On Opera News Hub

Opera News calculates your earnings based on the total number of clicks x Total reading time posts x Account quality points x Article originality points.

Diving in might confuse you, we used this formula to calculate our earnings when the platform was first launched, but now you can see each amount you have earned on the opera news hub dashboard. 

All you have to do is visit the Monetization Tab, and you will see the amounts you receive each day based on the clicks and time spent on your articles.

How Do You Receive Payment And When Payments Made?

You will be paid each month after the hub team makes your monthly calculations, payment will be made on the mobile money number you specified, and if you choose a Bank Account as your mode of payment, payment will be sent to your bank account,

Payment is made from the 15th to the 20th of every month.


Now that you have made it this far, I believe you have been educated about writing for Opera News Hub and earning in return, this article covered how to write for Opera News Hub and get paid.

We also covered everything you need to know before starting your opera news hub journey and even you can find everything you need to know about making money on opera news hub on this website.

I will encourage you to take action by creating an account right away, remember with the opera news hub. You don’t have to submit anything, and all you have to do is sign up start writing, and receive payment at the end of the month.

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