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Easy Ways To Reverse MTN Mobile Money Transactions

Never panic when you send money from your mobile money account to the wrong number.

We all make transactions, and sometimes due to being in a hurry or not dialing the number well, we tend to send money to the wrong number.

MTN mobile money has been the most used mode of transacting in Ghana, the service was launched ten years ago, and Ghanaians have embraced it, and currently, MoMo is what everybody is using.

(it only our dear girls that are making boys bore MoMo small because girls have abused this MoMo term a lot, every day ‘’Send me MoMo’)

But aside from this, Mobile money is the best thing that has happened to Ghanaians because before that, sending and receiving money was never easy.

There are ways to reverse a transaction, and we will take you through all of them.

How To Reverse MTN Mobile Transaction Sent To A wrong Person

Before diving in, pray you realised this within 15 minutes of sending the money and also the person hasn’t withdrawn the money (this will increase your chance of you getting your money back faster).

  1. Call 100
  2. Select 3 Mobile money service
  3. Select 5 for Mobile money reversal
  4. Your call will be transferred to the mobile money department customer care.
  5. You will be asked about the amount you sent, the wrong number you sent to, the date you sent, and also they will ask you to provide some information to help them assist you faster.
  6. Now wait for them to do their investigations, and then your money will be reversed back to you after 15 days.
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So we wrote an article on how to withdraw MTN mobile money from ATM and in our writing, what you could do is generate MTN mobile money token that can be used to receive the money from the ATM.

However, one will want to reverse their mobile money transactions for some reason. This article will take you through how to change your MTN mobile money token generated back to cash.

How To Reverse Your MTN Mobile Money Token Code Generated For ATM

So assuming you went to the ATM to withdraw mobile money from the ATM and due to some reasons, you couldn’t withdraw.

First of all, the token has a date that it will expire, so if you don’t need the money in a hurry, you can wait for three days, the permit will pass, and your money will be reversed to your mobile money account.

If you want to reverse your token back to money and can’t wait for the expiry date, then you will have to do this:

  • Visit the nearest MTN office with your national Identity card (you might need it for verification)
  • Explain to the person in charge, specify the bank, the amount you wanted to withdraw and then show your token.
  • The customer representative will take it from there, and within some minutes, they will reverse your token for you.
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MTN brought mobile money to make sending and receiving money an easy thing to do in Ghana.

Well, people tend to make mistakes, we all do, and since MTN is aware of this, they also do their best to assist people when they make mistakes in making transactions on the MTN mobile money service.

In this article, we went through ways to reverse your mobile money transaction sent to the wrong number and ways to change a token back to your mobile money account.

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