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Advantages Of The Internet In Ghana

As we all know, the internet has been very helpful to people all over the world since its inception decades ago.

It has made a lot of things easier and has also provided new ways through which some other problems could be solved.

In this article, we will be looking at how the internet has helped the Ghanaian population. We will be focusing on Ghana only in this article.

What Is The Internet? 

The internet is a large connection of computer networks that provides various information and communication.

The internet has been in existence for more than 48 years and has advanced greatly during that period in several ways, making life easier with each new feature that it comes with. Here are some of how the internet has been beneficial to the people of Ghana.

Advantages Of The Internet To Ghanaians


Ghanaians can now access the news easily through various websites that are known as news portals.

There are also entertainment bloggers who also bring news to the online masses. People can access this news through devices like smartphones or computers.

Due to this, journalism on the internet has seen a great deal in its growth over the years. The timing of this news is always on point, thereby keeping the Ghanaian popular up to date with all that is happening in the country.

This has also availed the public the opportunity to speak on some policies of the government that they think are not good for them.

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Through the internet, e-shops or online shopping malls have become common n the country.

There are several online shopping malls where one can purchase almost all the goods that they would need without having to leave wherever they are.

Several shops like Jumia Ghana, Melcom, OLX, and Alibaba are some of the online malls where people order various goods from.

Items sold also range from electrical appliances to furniture and a whole lot more. These products that the people order are then delivered to their residences.

This has saved people from having to join long lines before they can purchase what they want, especially for people who do not like to drive.

These shopping malls have also created jobs for people as they employ people to work at their various stations.

Through the introduction of the internet, people can now bank at the convenience of their homes without having to visit their banks.

A service known as ‘mobile banking’ allows banks to serve their customers non-physically.

All the customers have to do is download the official application of the bank and then set up their bank account on the app.

Once that is done, customers can do a whole lot of things on their own such as buying airtime, moving money from their bank account to their mobile money wallet, and the payment of various bills.


The revenue service has even seen the importance of the internet after it launched an online portal where businesses in the country could be able to file all their tax returns without having to visit the GRA offices physically.

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The payment of taxes is also made by the use of visas and master cards online. Due to this, the risk of carrying money with you around has been greatly reduced.

It also reduced the burden and hustle that some people have to go through when it is time for them to file their tax returns. 


Through the advent of the internet, the majority of young Ghanaians have become drawn to various social media where they engage in various forms of entertainment.

Places like YouTube are also a great source of entertainment as people watch various videos and movies from there.

People can also watch music videos on YouTube. The video-sharing website is the place where almost all musicians upload their work after they are done for their fans to view.

Photo sharing site Instagram is also another great source of entertainment for people.


The internet has also improved the level of communication in Ghana. Through the use of several chatting apps like Whatsapp and Telegram, people can communicate with each other no matter how far apart they may be.

People are also able to send emails to a company that they may be interested in working for.  


The internet is one of the greatest platforms where one can advertise their goods and services.

Since almost everyone in Ghana has some knowledge about the internet and the fact that about 80% of the world’s population visits the internet daily, it has become a platform for numerous advertisements.

People do not have to pay for the advertisements they post on the internet. Advertisements on the internet also reach a lot of people, thereby making more people aware of the existence of your products and service.

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Most startup companies advertise solely on the internet before they look at other options after they start gaining some profits. 


The above article has laid out several ways through which the emergence of the internet has been beneficial to Ghana. We hope you now know and understand just how important the internet is.

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