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Advantages Of The Internet In Ghana

Undoubtedly, the internet has been a transformative force globally since its inception several decades ago, revolutionizing the way people conduct various aspects of their lives.

In this article, we will delve into the specific ways in which the internet has been instrumental in benefitting the Ghanaian population.

By focusing our attention exclusively on Ghana, we aim to explore the unique impact and contributions that the internet has made to the lives of individuals in this particular context.

Let’s proceed to uncover the positive influence and advancements facilitated by the internet for the people of Ghana.

What Is The Internet? 

Certainly, Emmanuel. The internet, a vast network of interconnected computer systems, serves as a dynamic platform for information dissemination and communication.

With over 48 years of existence, its evolution has been marked by significant advancements, introducing features that continually enhance various aspects of life.

Now, let’s explore some of the ways in which the internet has proven to be particularly beneficial to the people of Ghana.

We’ll delve into the specific positive impacts that these advancements have had on the daily lives and experiences of Ghanaians.

Advantages Of The Internet To Ghanaians


The advent of the internet has led to the widespread popularity of e-shops or online shopping malls in the country.

Numerous online shopping platforms have emerged, offering the convenience of purchasing a wide array of goods without the need to leave one’s location.

Prominent among these are Jumia Ghana, Melcom, OLX, and Alibaba, where consumers can order a diverse range of products, from electrical appliances to furniture.

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The ordered items are efficiently delivered to the customers’ residences, eliminating the need for them to endure long queues, particularly beneficial for those who prefer not to drive.

Beyond providing convenience for consumers, these online shopping malls contribute to job creation by employing individuals to operate various aspects of their operations.

Furthermore, the introduction of the Internet has revolutionized banking practices, allowing individuals to conduct their banking activities from the comfort of their homes.

The advent of ‘mobile banking’ services enables customers to engage with their banks without physical visits.

By downloading the official application of the bank and setting up their accounts, customers can independently perform tasks such as purchasing airtime, transferring funds from their bank account to their mobile money wallet, and making payments for various bills.

This technological advancement has significantly enhanced the accessibility and efficiency of banking services for individuals across the country.


Recognizing the pivotal role of the Internet, the Revenue Service has taken a significant step forward by introducing an online portal.

This portal facilitates businesses in the country to seamlessly file all their tax returns without the necessity of physical visits to the GRA offices.

Moreover, the payment of taxes has been streamlined through online platforms, accepting transactions made with Visa and Mastercard.

This not only diminishes the associated risks of carrying physical cash but also alleviates the burden and challenges that individuals might face during the tax return filing process.

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In essence, this technological integration has not only modernized tax-related procedures but has also contributed to enhanced security and convenience for businesses and individuals alike.


The internet’s proliferation has captivated a significant portion of young Ghanaians, drawing them into diverse social media platforms for entertainment.

Platforms such as YouTube have emerged as significant sources of entertainment, offering a plethora of videos and movies for users to engage with.

Music enthusiasts, in particular, find YouTube invaluable for watching music videos, as it serves as the primary platform where musicians share their creations with their fan base.

Additionally, the photo-sharing site Instagram stands out as another notable source of entertainment. Its visual content and interactive features provide users with a dynamic and engaging platform for leisure and social connectivity.

These online spaces have not only reshaped the entertainment landscape but have also become integral parts of the daily lives of many young Ghanaians.


Undoubtedly, the internet has significantly enhanced communication levels in Ghana. The availability of various messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram has revolutionized interpersonal communication, bridging geographical gaps and enabling people to connect seamlessly, regardless of their physical distances.

Moreover, the Internet facilitates professional communication, allowing individuals to send emails to companies they are interested in working for.

This not only streamlines the job application process but also expands opportunities for networking and professional engagement.

In essence, these communication tools have not only fostered personal connections but have also played a pivotal role in transforming the way individuals interact on both personal and professional fronts in the Ghanaian context.

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Undoubtedly, the internet stands as one of the most powerful platforms for advertising goods and services.

With widespread internet knowledge among Ghanaians and approximately 80% of the world’s population accessing the internet daily, it has become a prime space for numerous advertisements.

One notable advantage is that individuals and businesses can post advertisements on the Internet without incurring charges.

This cost-free aspect, coupled with the expansive reach of Internet advertisements, significantly enhances the visibility of products and services, creating awareness among a large audience.

It’s noteworthy that many startup companies strategically choose the Internet as their primary advertising platform, especially in the initial stages.

This approach allows them to capitalize on the extensive online presence of potential customers, maximizing exposure and paving the way for future growth.


This article highlights various ways in which the emergence of the Internet has brought significant benefits to Ghana.

From transforming communication through messaging apps to revolutionizing online shopping and banking, the Internet has become an integral part of daily life in the country.

Moreover, its role in advertising has empowered businesses, especially startups, to reach a broader audience.

The collective impact of these internet-driven advancements underscores its importance as a catalyst for positive change and progress in Ghana.

As technology continues to evolve, the internet remains a dynamic force, shaping how individuals, businesses, and society at large engage with the world.

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