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How To Setup And Watch Netflix Videos In Ghana

Now let us cover how to set up and watch Netflix videos in Ghana, in addition, I will also make sure this article includes everything you need to know about Netflix in Ghana, payment methods, and more.

Netflix is the next best place to stream movies at the moment and now, it can be accessed in Ghana as well. You can now watch all your favorite channels on Netflix for as low as GHS 49.30. You can also use Netflix to stream your favorite movies on your smartphone, tv, PlayStation, and your Xbox gaming console. All you need is to have a Netflix basic plan. 

What Is Netflix?

Netflix is a streaming service where viewers can watch their favorite award-winning movies, documentaries, anime, and tv shows on lots of connected devices. Viewers are allowed to pay low amounts monthly to enjoy these movies and tv shows along with content that is uploaded almost every week. 

However, before you can start enjoying Netflix in Ghana, you must have a data subscription along with a good internet connection. ga

This is because the movies on Netflix can only be streamed in HD or full HD and so you need a good internet connection to watch them. You also have to subscribe to the Netflix packages which are offered by the telecommunication companies in the country.  

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Netflix Subscription Prices In Ghana

Before you can enjoy all that Netflix has to offer, you need to subscribe to the streaming service. There are various subscription packages that you can choose from according to your budget.

The plan you choose will also dictate the number of devices that you can use to stream your movies. You will also have to download the Netflix app from your smartphone’s play store. Below are the various Netflix packages you can choose from.

Basic StandardPremium
Monthly CostGHS 49.30GHS 61.64GHS GHS 73.98
Number of screens you can watch on124
Number of phones download on124
Unlimited movies and showsYes YesYes
Ability to watch on a laptopYes Yes Yes
HD availabilityNo YesYes
Ultra HD availabilityNo No Yes

Aside from purchasing a subscription to enjoy watching movies and shows on Netflix, you can also receive a one-month free subscription from Netflix to enjoy these shows.

Can I pay Netflix with MoMo in Ghana?

Netflix has many payments methods but currently, in Ghana you can not pay with MoMo, although you can pay with an MTN MoMo debit card in other African countries like Uganda, it is not yet available in Ghana and we believe MTN Momo Card is going to be available even by the time you are reading this and I promise you I will add the steps when MTN MoMo card becomes available in Ghana.

Where To Watch Netflix Movies

You can access Netflix anywhere as long as you have a good internet connection along with a device on which you can watch such as tv, smartphone, tablets, gaming consoles, and laptop computers.

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You can also use an android or IOS powered device to stream Netflix movies and shows. You can also download the movies and shows if your internet connection is good and then watch them later on.

Netflix Subscription Payments

After you have chosen a subscription plan, the next step is to pay for it. you get charged only on the day that you sign up. Before you can make payments for your Netflix subscription in Ghana, you will need to have an ATM debit card.

You can also use a verified PayPal account to make payments for your Netflix subscriptions. You should choose the one that will be much easier for you so that you do not run into any problems when it is time for you to make payments for your Netflix. 

How To Change Your Netflix Subscription Plan

So assuming you signed up for a plan and later decided to upgrade or degrade, Netflix has a way for you to do that, to do this follow these steps:

  • On your Netflix dashboard select Change Plan under the Plan Details
  • Now go through the available plans and select your preferred plan, when done click on Update
  • You will then see your plan changed immediately

How To Connect Netflix To Your TV

Netflix can be used on so many all depends on what you have available to use for the connection. However, we will all agree that watching Netflix on your Tv is the best option and almost everyone has a tv in their home.

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If you want to watch Netflix on your TV, you can do so by using the cast to ‘screen option’ on your smartphone. You can use an HDMI cable to do this easily without any stress. 

If you prefer to watch the movies on your gaming consoles, you can do so by serving them on the consoles through an internet connection. 

How Do You Watch Movies On Netflix Which Are On Other Countries?

You can watch any movie you want on Netflix, all you have to do is search for the name of that movie or TV show. Netflix actually shows you movies based on your surroundings, so if you want to watch movies in different countries, you just have to get the name of that movie and then search for it and start watching.


If you are looking to enjoy some Netflix movies and shows, then I am sure that this article has shed some light on the topic for you. In this article, we went through how to set up and watch Netflix videos in Ghana. Do not forget to visit this site for more tech-related articles and news.

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