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How To Easily Detect A Fake Cable That Can Burn Your House In Ghana

We all need cables to make to make use of electricity easier. And your house can have a better lightning system depending on how you set up your cables in your home.

Most of the time, you will see people’s houses getting burnt and all those kinds of stories, most of them depend on the types of cables used in their house.

Because of this, the scientific officer and technical supervisor at the Ghana Standard Authority (GSA) have advised Ghanaians on measures to take when it comes to the kind of cables they will buy from the market and use.

Mr. Franci Mensah Akploo further continued that it’s not easy to identify whether a cable is fake or original. Still, there are things to look out for when you have no idea about electricals.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show Thursday, he said Ghana Standards authority has been posting cables that they have tested, they make sure they list cables that are good to use, and most of them are branded.

We have the wiring code GS-1009. That is a standard. A standard should have figures and letters.
When it comes to wiring cables, there is a standard like GSIEC-60227. If you are getting a wiring cable, you should check this code, and you should make sure you see this code on the labeling.

The discussion was brought to us on television because of the recent fire outbreaks in the country.
When it comes to the length of the cable, he advises that people should always check the size of the cable they are buying and make sure the length is written on the cable.
Another way to check for the originality of wires is the magnetism effect of the cables you buy.
When it comes to the types of magnet, pure copper conductors should not be attracted to magnets.
If you want to test for this, ask the seller to peel off the insulation and place a magnet close to the copper.
When you see the magnet attracting the copper, the cable you are buying is not all that original.
He also advises Ghanaians to be careful about the prices of the coopers since most fake ones are the cheapest.

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