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How Do I Make My X (Formerly Twitter) Thread Go Viral?

We all sometimes want to be in the center of attraction. If you are an X (Formerly Twitter) user, I believe you have one at a time wished you knew how to make your Twitter go viral.

So if you have searched for ‘how do I make my Twitter thread viral on Twitter before and didn’t get any correct results, This article is definitely for you.

This article will make sure your thread goes viral even if you don’t have followers, and this hack will help you get more followers because Twitter rewards active users on the app with higher engagements. 

Talking of followers, you can read this article covering how to know your followers with the most followers on Twitter.

There are so many benefits in getting followers on Twitter or making your threads go viral but before that, you need to know how to create a thread on Twitter the right way.

Twitter is the third most used social media platform on this planet. The platform is the place for what’s happening around the world.

Twitter deals in hashtags, and anytime the platform detects many people talking about one particular story. It creates a hashtag for anybody to see what’s happening.

Talking of Twitter popularity, do you know you can make money on Twitter more than someone even doing government work?

Twitter is a big platform, and to make money from Twitter, all you have to do is build your follower count and make viral threads. 

There are so many ways to make a thread go viral, and we will tackle all of them in this article one by one.

Why Will Someone Want Their Tweets/ Thread To Go Viral?

To Let People Know About the Awareness

There are many tweets, some tweets are jokes, some tweets are motivational messages, and some also tweet about awareness.

I remember when a child was missing, some influencers decided to create awareness about the missing child. Within hours, the child was found.

That is the power of Twitter and the power of becoming an influencer on Twitter 

To Make Money

We can’t talk about going viral on Twitter without covering the money-making part. When you get used to Twitter, you will discover there is a lot of money on that social media app.

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As I said, Twitter is all about getting followers and knowing how to make your tweets go viral; when you get to know the two of these, brands will contact you to tweet about their products and be paid.

Sounds cool, right? Now let us dive into creating that viral thread on Twitter.

How To Make Your Twitter Thread Go Viral 

Create A Touching Story

One thing you need to know is that Twitter users like reading. So that is the platform that most of its tweets are in text forms, even though you can post pictures and videos. 

When you decide to scroll through your Twitter feeds right now, you will see that over 80% of all tweets are texts.

So if you want to make your tweets go viral, the first thing you should think of is to write down a touching story. 

Doing this will make sure people will skim through your thread but take their time to read everything you have written. 

Tell A Personal Story Or The Thread Must Be About A Specific Story

The next thing you need to know is that people love to read other people’s experiences. 

On Twitter, the tweets that mostly go viral are tweets from people’s personal stories.

Or a tweet that is focused on one particular level.

One example is, I saw a thread on Twitter about a woman advising her fellow women who like to travel abroad and make money.

She narrated how a white German man took her to Germany and what she went through.

When the girl made that thread, she just wanted to advise her small followers, but people started retweeting and liking, and she got over 50 thousand likes and retweets. 

So if you want to achieve this kind of engagement, then the best thing to do is to make sure you tweet about one particular story or personal life experience.

Do you want tips? You can write about how your life used to be when you grew up. You can write about your mom, what she used to do, some advice she used to give you, and some myths that you woke up and then realized were all not true.

If you also want to go the jokes way, you can prepare plenty of jokes and post them regularly. Readers who love to see jokes on their timelines will always follow you anytime you make a tweet. They will get to read and laugh.

List Down All Your Points

Now is the time to list down your points to be able to create a better thread.

Assuming you have decided to write about your first experience at the ICT lab, 

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Some of your points will be the date it happened, what happened before you visited the ICT lab, your experience, and the lesson you learned at the lab.

Add Images To Catch The Readers Attention

There is a saying in blogging: “Images attract clicks”, and it’s true. Images make people want to read a thread. So if you’re going to create an engaging line, you might want to consider adding relevant images if that thread needs ideas. 

Not all threads need images. The example we made about the ICT lab was a memorial event, so if you have a picture of it and attach it, it will boost your clicks and retweets.

Make Your First Tweet A Hook

To make sure your thread becomes viral, you need to make sure your first tweet catches the reader’s attention and for them to open your thread and read it.

Since your readers will only see your first tweet, you should make sure your first tweet should contain words that will trigger the reader to continue reading to get the whole story.

You can use this example ‘Here are the tricks fraudsters are now using to steal mobile money from people.

A thread ‘

Alerting people of a thread is the most commonly used when you make the title or briefly introduce what your thread is about, and then you let the readers know it is a thread. It will trigger them to click on your line and read the total tweets.

Tag 2 Or 3 Influencers Or Relevant People

A saying in pidgin language goes like “Follow who know the road”, which means you must follow the footsteps of those who know the road.

Influencers are the people who run the app, and they can influence trends and hashtags. 

If you want to create a viral thread, you must start to follow them and then anytime you make an engaging thread, you tag them. Then, these guys will see it, and when it looks fantastic to them, they will likely like and retweet for you.

You also have to know that, on Twitter, when someone likes or retweets a tweet, Twitter shows it to all the followers that particular person has.

So imagine someone with 100k followers retweeting your thread or liking your line?

Now Ask Your Readers To Take Action On Your Tweet

Before publishing, you will have to tell your readers to take action after reading. If your story is interesting to them, they will like and retweet for you. That is why creating unique content is the most important thing.

Check for Typos And Readability Before Publishing

We all don’t like tweets with bad grammar; people are even known for screenshotting tweets with bad grammar so that they can laugh about it. Writing lousy grammar can make you trend for a while, but that won’t help you In the long run.

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No influencer will want to retweet or like a tweet with bad grammar for their followers to read. 

So if you want to make your tweets go viral on Twitter, you need to make sure your thread is error-free.

You can use Grammarly to check your tweets before publishing them.

Use Hashtags

Twitter uses hashtags to let people know what’s trending, so if you want your thread to gain exposure, you will have to add some of the trending hashtags to your tweets.

Using hashtags will make Twitter add your tweets to the trending hashtags, and many people following that hashtag will see it.

I will advise you on when using these hashtags to use the ones that are relevant to you.

If there is a hashtag about a president trending and your tweet is about networks, using the president’s hashtag will make your tweet irrelevant. 

Make Sure To Schedule The Thread To Be Published In The Evening 

Publishing your thread at night is one of the best ways to help your thread go viral. Always do this because when you make a thread, it needs time to gain momentum. So that the next day Twitter will know how to blow that tweet.

But you can also test different times; each tweet has its way of going viral.

Engage With Comments And Make Sure To Like Anybody That Retweets

When your tweets go live, you have to do next to engage with anybody who will react to your comment. If someone replies to your thread, reply to that person and then like it. When someone retweets your thread, visit that person’s profile and like your tweet there.

This help Twitter sees there are more engagements on your tweet, and the algorithm will boost your tweet.

Do A Giveaway

If you also want to grow your followers, you can engage in giveaways. Doing this guarantees, you are getting what you want in terms of followers or retweets.

People love free things, and if you decide to do a giveaway by offering them something in exchange for following you or engaging in your tweets, they will do it for that gift.

Engage In Other Peoples Tweets, Drop Links On Relevant Tweets 

Engaging in other people’s tweets helps your tweets go viral, but you have to do it with extra caution.

When someone makes a tweet, and you find out it is similar to yours. 

Visit that tweet, like, retweet, and then give your opinion about it and how you encountered a similar one. After that, drop your thread link for people also to read if they want.


Twitter is a compelling platform. If you know how to use it well, you can make money from that social media app, get new friends, and entertainment all in one place.

If you want to get followers on Twitter, you first need to start writing engaging content, and in this article, we covered that question you have always been asking, which is how do I make my Twitter thread viral? 

We answered this question with the top 9 easy ways.

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