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How To Make Money Online In Ghana As A Student

Yes, this is the article that is going to take you through how to make money online in Ghana as a student so that you can make some income whiles still learning.

You will be closer than ever. If you ignore any of these things listed below, the road ahead will be even more painful and arduous. But as long as you respect it and don’t give up, everyone can do it.

If you admit defeat and walk away when things get tough, you cant expect to make money online. Even if you fail or encounter some setbacks, think of them as stepping stones, not obstacles.

Everyone cannot achieve their goals. But as long as you keep seeking improvement, you will succeed. It may not be as fast as you expect.

How To Make Money Online In Ghana As A Student

Here is a list of different ways to make money online as a student in Ghana:

Start A Blog

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If you are looking for a legal way to make money as a student in Ghana without spending a lot of money, please consider starting a blog.

Creating a successful blog does not require you to have technical skills or coding knowledge to get started. What is needed is very little money to buy domain names and virtual hosts, mobile devices with Internet access, and data connections.

Financewithdes is a reputable place for you to learn how to start a blog no matter your skills or educational background.

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Talking about building a website, you can contact me for a well-customized website like the one you are reading from at an affordable price or if you want a free consultation when it comes to blogging, you can also click on the Contact Me Button to chat with me.

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Sell Online

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Selling your products online through e-commerce sites like Jumia or social media sites are indeed one of the best ways on how to make money as a student in Ghana.

No matter what you decide to sell, whether it’s digital downloads, video

content, e-books, or music audio, you can quickly sell and make money online. 

Forex and Binary Options

forex trading apps

Forex is considered a high-risk trading venture, but that’s because most of the people who venture into it do so without proper mentoring or guidance. As long as the world has multiple currencies, Forex will continue to be a great source of income. You can check this article taking you through the best forex trading apps to use.

Binary options, on the other hand, are still much more straightforward than Forex. With binary options, you predict the price of a particular currency or financial product and earn money on its rise or fall.

Cryptocurrency Trading

crypto currency trading bitcoin

Cryptocurrency has come to stay. Please make no mistake about it. More companies are gradually gravitating towards the acceptance of cryptocurrency as a means of payment with widespread speculation that it may even replace the conventional money that we currently use for day-to-day transactions.

Cryptocurrency is the future of money, and it would be best to consider investing in solid ones. Opening an account on Binance is a sure way to begin your crypto journey in Ghana.

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Start a YouTube channel

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Making YouTube videos is synonymous with blogging. If you are good at comedy videos or tutorials, you can start a Youtube channel.

Once you start getting people to watch your videos, you can begin monetizing them and earning cash. Have you ever wondered how some Ghanaian bloggers make their money?

They all have a youtube channel, and they make videos and post them here. You go there to watch videos for fun, and they make money.

Because you watch their videos. You can open a youtube channel and start uploading Bollywood movies, but to be safe, I recommend that you upload original content.

Financial say on how to make money in Ghana as a student I managed to list 4 of my ten proven methods to make money in Ghana as a student. It’s almost 1:00 am here, and I need to retire for the day.

I’ll complete the rest later and update it here. Please carefully select one or two methods listed in this article and stick to it even though you fail numerous times. Cause that is the only way to achieve success in the online world.

Please bookmark this page and come back to find out when I will drop the rest. Thanks.


You ever asked yourself if a student can earn money online? The answer is yes, and in this article, we went through the most legit ways for a student to make money online in Ghana.

If your mode of payment is only mobile money, then you might also want to check out online jobs in Ghana that pay through mobile money.

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