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Best Forex Trading Apps To Start Using Right Now

There are a lot of investment vehicles in today’s world. The majority of all these investments are done online.

Some people invest in stocks, forex, and others invest in other investment firms that you can not find on the internet.

If you are thinking about investing online and narrowing it down to forex trading, I believe that is wise. Forex is a great place to invest, just like the stock market. Forex is a bit more accessible than the stock market. 

However, before you can make a good investment in forex, you will need a good forex trading app/ a good forex broker before you can start trading.

There are many forex trading apps available that you can use to start your forex investments. However, you can’t just go and pick any app.

Due to this, we have compiled some of the best forex trading apps right for you. Remember that you will have to conduct your research before deciding which app you think will be more suitable for you.

This list is meant to narrow the analysis down for you to start trading as soon as possible. Most of these apps are available to download for free.

Before diving in, we have an article covering things to look out for when choosing a good forex app so you might want to also check that out, now let’s dive into the best forex trading apps


fxtm forex trading app

FXTM is a forex trading used in more than 180 nations worldwide, and it is fully regulated. It is a reliable trading app, and its well-used by most seasoned forex traders worldwide.

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The app is designed for both professional traders and amateurs traders as well. Flexible leverage allows traders to increase their earning potential.

However, it is only offered to traders based on their experience and knowledge in forex trading.

A wide range of educational forex materials is also available to traders right on the app, helping traders gather more experience as they trade.

FXTM also processes withdrawals within few minutes of requests on desktop and even on their mobile app, and traders can trade in both fixed and variable spreads.

Beginners can also change in a demo account with live market quotes to get them ready for the real deal. The app is available for both Android and IOS.

Stock Trainer

stock trainer trading app

This app is for people who desire to trade in forex but do not have the knowledge needed to start. In this case, Stock Trainer is the forex platform you will need to get yourself ready.

The app allows users to experience a virtual stock trading atmosphere that is complete with market data. This helps users gain the required experience and insights they need before venturing into actual forex trading.

Their mobile app, which is only available for android users, gives them the ability to build a portfolio, and it’s a great source of knowledge for forex beginners. 


thinktrader trading app

If you think you have enough knowledge to move into the higher domains of forex trading, then Thinktrader is the forex platform you need to be.

Thinktrader is an advanced trading app recently known as Trade interceptor, and it was only available on desktop computers.

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It is now available for mobile users. It comes with a touch-enabled functionality and a split-screen mode so that users can monitor several markets simultaneously.


meta trader forex trading app

MetaTrader is one of the most popular forex trading apps globally that retail investors use to trade forex and stock.

By giving insights on the app, the forex uses several analytical instruments and can be used to sell almost any operating system without any third-party software. Users can switch between different financial devices easily.

TD Ameritrade

td ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is one of the biggest and established forex trading platforms in the world. Users can trade stocks, shares, and forex on the app.

It also has mechanisms to educate forex traders to lessen their chances of losing and increase their chances of making money.

This app is also great for investors who are new to currency trading as the app covers a comprehensive platform in the world of forex trading.


IG forex trading app

IG is known to be the best forex trading platform for both newbies and experts.

The platform is trusted across the globe, and aside from offering the best trading platform, it also gives its users the best tools research tools for them to learn and know when to invest and when to stop trades.

IG was launched in 1974, and it is regulated, making it one of the low-risk forex trading platforms. It has a 99% trust score on all forex review platforms, and aside from being the best currency and stocks trading app, users can also trade cryptocurrencies.

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CMC Markets 

cmc markets trading app

CMC Markets has been in existence for quite a while, and they are among the most popular brokers.

CMC markets have over over 10,000 currencies that any user can trade on when trading coins.

As stated on their website, their main goal is to educate people on the forex market by giving trading strategies to their users.

Also, the platform provides innovative tools and powerful charts so that you never miss out on any trade you will make. They also make trading cfds an easy thing to do.

Not forgetting, their forex app has a straightforward UI that makes trading an easy thing to do.

Iq Options

iq options forex trading app

Iq option is known to be one of the best forex brokers for beginners.

Even if you don’t have trading skills, you can still trade on this excellent trading platform because it is easy to use when buying and selling when you are in profit.

You can trade all financial instruments, trade any currency, no matter wherever you find yourself.

Also, all new trading accounts are given a free $10,000 as free demo money for them to try their luck and get to know how to trade correctly before investing their money on their forex app. 


etoro forex trading app

eToro boasts over 2 million active users. The broker.

On their platform, you can trade CDF, Stocks %ETFS and cryptocurrencies.

What makes them stand out is that they have 0% commission on some stock trades.


Now that you know of the best trading apps to consider for your forex investments, it is now up to you to decide which app you think will help you and do some more research before you finally jump into the trading.

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