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Knowing The Zip And Postal Code Of Ghana

The postal code system in Ghana helps organize mail distribution across the country. Knowing the right postal code for a region or city is important for ensuring accurate and on-time mail delivery.

This guide covers Ghana postal and zip code formats, directory resources to find codes, tips for addressing mail properly, and frequently asked questions about Ghana’s postcode framework.

Introduction To Postal Codes In Ghana

Ghana introduced its current numeric 6-digit postal code system in 2010 to replace an older alphanumeric system.

The new system was implemented by the GhanaPost GPS service in collaboration with the Minister of Communications.

The 6-digit codes have a format with the first digit denoting region, followed by zone/area code and then sector numbers. The system makes routing mail more efficient within Ghana. Codes are usually assigned based on geographic population distribution.

While many frequent letters may reach without postal codes, providing the correct postcode helps avoid potential routing issues and speeds up delivery by 2-5 days on average.

Ghana Postal Code Format Explained

The 6 digits in a Ghana postal code represent the following:

1st digit – Region
2nd & 3rd digits – Sector, zone, or community area
4th, 5th & 6th digits – Sorting order for distribution

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So for example, in the postcode:


2 – Refers to the Greater Accra Region
10 – Represents a geographic delivery area within Accra
01 – Sorting prefixes for post office routes

Where to Find Postal Codes for Areas in Ghana
The GhanaPost online postcode directory lets you search for codes by region, city and address. Some resources include:

  • GhanaPost Postcode Directory
  • Postcode GH mobile app
  • Open Postcode Geo Portal 

You can search for any postal code by finding the location on the above sites. Offline resources like maps may also contain Ghana’s updated regional postal codes.

How to Address Mail Correctly with Postal Codes

Always provide complete send-to/return addresses with the correct postal code format to avoid delivery issues.

Address Format:
Street No/Name, Building Details

For example, the address format with a postal code for Kumasi in Ashanti Region would be:

Kwame Boakye
H/No 10 Asufufu Road

When mailing items locally without street details, you can exclude those lines and provide just area/town details.

5 Tips For Using Postal Codes Effectively

Follow these tips when specifying postal codes on letters or parcels in Ghana:

  1. Verify codes for recent accuracy at GhanaPost before addressing mail
  2. Provide area/town details if the street address is unavailable
  3. Use ALL CAPS formatting for address lines
  4. Include region in full name with postal code
  5. Double-check the accuracy of all postal codes pre-mailings
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Using complete, properly formatted addresses with accurate postal codes ensures efficient routing and timely delivery across Ghana.

Frequently Asked Questions on Postcodes

How many digits are in Ghana’s postal codes?

Ghana postal codes consist of 6 numerical digits in the format: Region – Area – Sort Code

Where do I find postcodes for areas in Ghana?

You can find postal codes on the GhanaPost website, Postcode GH app or open directories like

Is the postal code the same as the zip code in Ghana?

Yes, Ghana uses an all-numeric 6-digit postal code which serves as the zip code to identify regions for mail sorting.

Who assigns the postal codes in Ghana?

GhanaPost creates official postal codes in line with national addressing standards and in collaboration with the government.

Do private delivery companies use Ghana’s postal codes?

Yes, private courier companies leverage the official postal code system to streamline deliveries.


Knowing and providing complete postal codes for origin and destination addresses when sending mail, parcels or packages facilitates quicker, more efficient routing and delivery across Ghana.

Referencing reliable code directories and addressing standards ensures your correspondence reaches its intended destination accurately and on schedule through the post.

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