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MTN Turbonet Prices And Where To Buy

The MTN Turbonet stands out as one of MTN Ghana’s recent offerings, designed to deliver swifter and more cost-effective internet services to subscribers.

Positioned as an alternative to the existing MTN broadband, this device addresses the diverse preferences of users.

Notably, the MTN Turbonet was available for purchase in different outlets prior to its official launch by MTN.

As a plug-and-play device, it ensures a seamless experience for users, functioning as an efficient 4G connector.

It’s worth mentioning that this device is a product of a collaboration between MTN and Huawei, a reputable manufacturer in the telecommunications industry.

Where To Buy MTN Turbonet

To acquire the MTN Turbonet device, you can conveniently visit any MTN service center in your vicinity.

Priced at GHS 500, the device includes a complimentary 4G MTN SIM upon purchase. This SIM comes preloaded with a complimentary 5GB data bundle, valid for six months.

While the device is available for both prepaid and postpaid plans, opting for a prepaid plan is often more economical.

For those unable to visit an MTN service center, the device is also accessible through the Hubtel online shop.

Keep an eye out for potential discounts offered by Hubtel when making your purchase online.

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Upon obtaining the device from either the MTN service center or the Hubtel online shop, it’s essential to register the SIM card in the router before use.

If acquired directly from an MTN service center, the registration process is typically handled on-site.

However, if purchased online, you’ll need to provide the necessary details for SIM card registration during the delivery process. This ensures a smooth activation process for your MTN Turbonet.

Why You Should Buy A Turbonet Device

There are some pretty good reasons why you should consider purchasing the MTN Turbonet device if you have not done so yet. Here are some of the reasons why.

  1. Fast internet connection
  2. You get 5GB of data after you have registered and activated that free SIM card that comes along with it.
  3. You get another 5GB bonus when you recharge for another five months after you have activated it.
  4. Best Turbonet data plans that can be rollover upon expiry
  5. Has voice-enabled for calls
  6. It has an antenna that enhances the connection.

How To Set It Up

MTN Turbonet is designed for user-friendly operation. To get started, simply insert the provided SIM card into the device and then connect it to a power source.

Once this straightforward setup is complete, you’ll be able to witness a WiFi SSID on your computer or laptop.

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Upon confirming that you have sufficient data on the Turbonet device, you can readily connect to the WiFi SSID, enabling you to harness the internet connectivity provided by the device.

This plug-and-play functionality makes the MTN Turbonet a convenient and accessible option for users seeking a hassle-free internet experience.

How To Bundle

The best way for you to bundle on the Turbonet device is to link your device to your phone number.

This can be done for you when you buy the device at the MTN service shop. The device can connect several phone numbers, and all the phone numbers can top up the device, so using only your number is better. 

This is how to bundle on the device once you link it to your number via mobile money. 

  1. Dial *170#
  2. Select option 3
  3. Select option 3
  4. Enter the number of the Turbonet device when you are asked
  5. Choose the bundle package you prefer
  6. Confirm the purchase
  7. You will then receive a message to notify you of your purchase

How To Check The Balance

You can check the balance of the data left on the device through the following steps

  1. Dial *5057# on the number that is linked to the device
  2. Select option 3
  3. Select your account in the list that comes 
  4. A message will be sent to you alerting you of the balance on the Turbonet

Turbonet Data Bundle And Prices

Since this is one of the 4G internet services available in the country, you can be sure that the data bundles coming with it are also one of the best.

  1. 5GB- GHS 25
  2. 10GB- GHS 50
  3. 45GB- GHS 145
  4. 225GB- GHS 295
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All data on the MTN Turbonet does not come with an expiry date, so you do not need to rush when using it.


With the information provided, you now have a comprehensive understanding of the MTN Turbonet 4G internet device.

Armed with this knowledge, you should be well-equipped to make an informed purchase and utilize the device to its full capabilities.

Should you have any further inquiries or require additional assistance in the future, feel free to reach out. Happy exploring the enhanced connectivity offered by the MTN Turbonet.

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