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Vodafone 4G Services And How To Get It

As we all know, 4G internet connectivity has become very common now. A lot of smartphones are running the 4G internet technology.

MTN Ghana Telecom has also rolled out 4G internet connectivity to its customers. Vodafone Ghana is one of the telecom companies that have rolled out the connectivity to its customers.

Vodafone had its 4G network rolled out in March 2019 to its customers. This was after the company acquired its 4G license from the National Communications Association at the end of 2018.

The telecom company was given a slot that was part of the 2x5MHz frequency spectrum in the 800MHzband that was reserved for mobile services by the National Communications Association. 

5G internet is almost upon us, and there some high-end devices are already having 5G connectivity enabled.

Due to this, most telecom companies are making the 4G available to their customers to not miss out on the 5G connection.

This article will be showing you all that you need to know about Vodafone Ghana 4G internet connectivity and how you can get it.

How To Know If Your Mobile Phone And Sim Card Can Access The 4G Network 

You want to know if your smartphone or SIM card can access the Vodafone 4G internet network; there is a way you can do that. Follow the simple steps below to see if your device and SIM card can access the 4G network.

  1. Dial *700# on your smartphone with the Vodafone SIM in it
  2. Choose option 6
  3. Choose option 1
  4. You will then receive a message that will let you know if your device and SI card can access the 4G network
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If you don’t like the ‘long’ process, you can dial *700*


After you have a checkeded for the status of your phone using the test above and the results that say that your device and your SIM card can both access the 4G network, then you do not need to worry since you will be able to connect to the 4G connectivity from Vodafone Ghana right away.

However, if the result that comes back says that your device and the SIM card can access the 4G network but your phone cannot, it simply means that it is right about time for you to get yourself a new smartphone if you want to enjoy the 4G services from Vodafone Ghana. This is because the smartphone you are using does not support 4G or LTE connectivity.

And if the result, however, says that your SIM card is not ready for4G connectivity, all you have to do is visit any Vodafone Ghana office near you to give you a 4G ready SIM card.


Vodafone Ghana has already deployed the 4G network services in major cities in the country. The telecom company already has more than 200 sites in various parts of the country where customers can access the 4G network service. 


Although 3G is still in existence on some smartphones, 4G connectivity is the main thing right now, and it will soon make way for the 5G network, which is already gaining traction in several countries abroad.

It will quickly be mainstream in Africa as well. There are already some high-end devices available here that can access the 5G network, but we do not know if there is a SIM card by any telecom company here that will be able to help the smartphone access the device.

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You can get several high-end smartphones if you have the money to spend to experience a 5G connection before most people in the country can get to do so. We are pretty sure that is entirely something to do. 

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