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Vodafone 4G Services And How To Get It

As widely recognized, the prevalence of 4G internet connectivity has reached a ubiquitous status, with numerous smartphones seamlessly incorporating this technology.

MTN Ghana Telecom and Vodafone Ghana stand as prominent telecommunication entities that have introduced 4G internet connectivity to their clientele.

Vodafone Ghana, in particular, commenced the deployment of its 4G network in March 2019, subsequent to the acquisition of its 4G license from the National Communications Association in late 2018.

This license granted the telecom company a segment within the 2x5MHz frequency spectrum at 800MHz, exclusively designated for mobile services by the National Communications Association.

With the imminent arrival of 5G internet, several high-end devices have already integrated 5G connectivity.

Consequently, telecom companies, including Vodafone Ghana, are proactively ensuring the availability of 4G to their customers, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the impending 5G revolution.

This article aims to comprehensively elucidate all essential aspects of Vodafone Ghana’s 4G internet connectivity, offering insights into its initiation and guiding users on the process of acquiring this advanced technological service.

How To Know If Your Mobile Phone And Sim Card Can Access The 4G Network 

You want to know if your smartphone or SIM card can access the Vodafone 4G internet network; there is a way you can do that. Follow the simple steps below to see if your device and SIM card can access the 4G network.

  1. Dial *700# on your smartphone with the Vodafone SIM in it
  2. Choose option 6
  3. Choose option 1
  4. You will then receive a message that will let you know if your device and SI card can access the 4G network
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If you don’t like the ‘long’ process, you can dial *700*


After you have checked for the status of your phone using the test above and the results that say that your device and your SIM card can both access the 4G network, then you do not need to worry since you will be able to connect to the 4G connectivity from Vodafone Ghana right away.

However, if the result that comes back says that your device and the SIM card can access the 4G network but your phone cannot, it simply means that it is right about time for you to get yourself a new smartphone if you want to enjoy the 4G services from Vodafone Ghana. This is because the smartphone you are using does not support 4G or LTE connectivity.

If the result, however, says that your SIM card is not ready for connectivity, all you have to do is visit any Vodafone Ghana office near you to give you a 4 G-ready SIM card.


Vodafone Ghana has already deployed the 4G network services in major cities in the country. The telecom company already has more than 200 sites in various parts of the country where customers can access the 4G network service. 


While 3G connectivity persists on certain smartphones, the prevailing focus has shifted significantly towards 4G technology, poised to pave the way for the imminent 5G network.

The global landscape is witnessing a burgeoning adoption of 5G, a trend anticipated to swiftly encompass Africa, including Ghana.

In numerous countries abroad, the 5G network has already gained substantial traction, and high-end devices capable of accessing this advanced network are readily available.

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However, a critical consideration emerges regarding the compatibility of existing SIM cards from local telecom companies with these 5G-enabled smartphones.

In the current market, individuals with the financial means can acquire high-end smartphones to experience 5G connectivity ahead of the broader population.

Nevertheless, the pertinent question lingers concerning the availability of compatible SIM cards in the local market to facilitate seamless access to the 5G network.

This emerging scenario raises intriguing prospects, underscoring the need for clarity on the readiness of telecom companies in Ghana to provide the necessary infrastructure, such as compatible SIM cards, to support the evolving landscape of 5G connectivity.

The potential to experience 5G connectivity represents a notable opportunity for those who can invest in cutting-edge devices, contributing to the evolving technological landscape in the country.

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