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Ways To Send And Receive Money From Outside Ghana By Using Wise

One of the things that can be a little bit difficult is receiving money from outside Ghana. Sending money straight to Ghana from places like America, Europe and other parts of the world has not been that easy a thing to do.

The available services that people use normally take a lot of time before they send the money to the account of the recipients.

Some of these services also require the presence of third parties before they send the money.

And in most cases, the amount of money sent would have been reduced before they finally reach the account of the recipient.

Due to these hassles, we have put together a better way through which one can receive money from outside without having to go through most of these.

One of the best ways that a person can receive money from outside Ghana is through TransferWise or Wise, as it is known now.

Wise, What Is It?

This is a global financial technology that allows people to send money to other places outside of their current residence without changing the exchange rate at the time that the money was sent.

The service also has a minimal cost of operation that senders are charged when they send money using the platform.

The company was recently known as Transferwise and it is based in the United Kingdom. 

How To Register

Before using the platform, you will need to register for it for free.

  1. Visit the Wise website which is, and then click on the ‘register’
  2. Choose ‘personal’ or ‘business’ depending on whether the account you are opening is for either personal transactions or business transactions. We will be using the ‘personal’ registration in this article
  3. Input your email address in the space that will be provided
  4. Set your password
  5. Select your country of residence from the list that will be provided in the ‘country of residence tab’
  6. Now click on ‘sign up
  7. Your new account will then be opened
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How To Send Money Using Wise

Follow the steps below if you want to send money using Wise.

  1. In your user dashboard, click on ‘send money’
  2. Input the amount that you wish to send and the currency under the ‘you send’
  3. Among the three listed transfer fees, select the one that you prefer based on how fast you want the money to be sent
  4. Choose the country of the recipient. The date of receipt will be shown beside the recipient box
  5. Click ‘continue’
  6. Choose the mode of transfer, whether personal or business
  7. Enter your legal names in the name boxes provided
  8. Input your date of birth and then input your mobile number
  9. Input your address and then click on ‘continue’
  10. Choose the recipient of the money. For example ’someone else’
  11. Input the email address of the recipient
  12. Enter the account name of the recipient. It must be a full account name
  13. If you know the recipient’s account number, then you think the under ‘I know their bank details and then input the number. However, if you do not know, you should just leave the space empty
  14. Now click on ‘confirm
  15. You will need to upload proof of your identity like maybe a passport or driver’s license
  16. Now click on ‘start’ to begin the verification process
  17. Now click on ‘continue’ after you have reviewed all the details you just gave
  18. Select the method through which you will pay
  19. Your money will then be sent after you are done

One good thing about this is that there is an app that can be downloaded onto either android or IOS.

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The app allows users to keep a record of all their transactions as well as manage their money.


Wise, which was formerly known as TransferWise, is probably the best way to send money to Ghana at the moment without incurring any additional charges.

So try getting onto it for your money transfers and see the difference.    

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