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The Various Types Of Driver License That We Have In Ghana

Most people have the desire to purchase their cars later on in life. And just like it is all over the world, getting a car for yourself does not mean that you can now drive all over the place.

Before you can drive around, you first need to obtain a driving license from the government.

The institution that has been authorized by the government to give out driving licenses is the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA).

You would need to have a permit that has been issued by the DVLA before you can even think about getting a driving license to drive your vehicle in the country. 

Getting a driver’s license permit in Ghana is now much easier than before. However, before applying for a driving license in Ghana, you must first be aware of the type of driving license that we have before you proceed.

This will allow you to know the type of license that you will be seeking when you go to apply for it.

In this article, you will get to know all the various types of driving license we have in Ghana. But before we look at the type of license, let us look at the requirements needed before one can apply for a driving license.

Requirements Needed For Applying For A Driving License

Below are the requirements you must meet before you can be eligible to apply for a driving license in Ghana

  1. You should be more than 18 years old
  2. You must have written the BECE examination
  3. A visa picture
  4. About 4-hour preparation from a driving school that has been accredited by the DVLA
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Types Of Driving License In Ghana

Now let’s look at the various driving license types in Ghana and their meaning.

Type A

This is the permit given to vehicles that do not have gearboxes under them. This permit is normally given to users of bikes as their transport and those who use cruisers. ‘Aboboyaa’ users also apply for this kind of license.

Type B

This license is given to drivers who drive minibuses and cross-country vehicles.

It is also issued to drivers of pickup vehicles. This permit does not allow for the number of passengers in the vehicle to exceed 15 people and the gross load should also not exceed 5000kgs.

Taxis and Uber also use this permit since they cannot carry 15 people.

Type C

This permit is given to vehicles that do not exceed a total of 45 passengers.

The gross weight should also not exceed 10000kgs. Business and commercial vehicles such as ‘Trotro’ are given this kind of license. 

Type D

This permit is normally given to heavy-load vehicles that have a gross weight of 350000kgs.

Examples of such vehicles are the STC buses. Passengers of this category of a vehicle must not exceed 65.

Type E

If you are an operator of a heavy horticultural vehicle, then the type E driving license permit is the one you would have to apply for when you go seeking a driving permit in Ghana.

The vehicles under this permit are rural, earth-moving vehicles as well as modern gear vehicles. Examples of such vehicles are trucks, loaders, forklifts, graders, rollers, and many others that are large and heavy.

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Type F      

The type F permit is a bit similar to the type D permit. However, the only difference is that drivers that apply for this kind of permit are those that drive vehicles that have a gross weight load that exceeds 35000kgs.

So it means that this permit is for vehicles that transport heavy loads and merchandise that weigh more than 35000kgs. Examples of such vehicles are articulators.


So these are the various types of driving licenses or permits that one can apply for according to the vehicle he or she operates.

You should be conversant with these driver’s license types so that you would know exactly what you are doing when you apply for your license.

I hope this article was quite useful to you our cherished readers. Do not forget to visit this site more often for all your tech needs.


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