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Top IT Companies In Ghana

There are a lot of IT companies that are operating in Ghana. The number of these companies surpasses a hundred in total when counted.

The IT companies specialize in various services which are offered to the people of Ghana. The services range from IT education and consultations to others who provide IT solutions to their customers.

The best part of the whole thing is that these IT companies are located worldwide, making it easier for people in different parts of the country to access them without having to travel long distances. 

In case you have been trying to get to know some of these IT companies to no avail, we have compiled an impressive list for your viewing pleasure. So here we go.

Mpedigree Network 

Mpedigree Network is an IT company that uses mobile and web application technologies to secure products from the counterfeit diversion.

This IT company was founded in 2007. It has also partnered with more than 20 telecom companies in Ghana and several fortune 500 companies in several countries.

The company offers several services to its clients, including brand protection from counterfeit and tampering, brand promotion, and predicting threats. 

They are located at 2 Goldkeys Heights, Relax Court Bend, Dworwulu.

Rancard Solutions

This company was founded in the year 2001 by two main known as Kofi Dadzie and Ehizogie Binitie.

The pair had the vision to create one of the best software development centers in the country.

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Through this, the company was able to develop a software application and a carrier-class internet gateway.

They also developed a cloud-based mobile SP carrier billing. The company has now extended its connectivity to over 70 mobile networks on the African continent.

They have also hosted world-renowned software developers such as Google, VOA, and MTV.

They are located at 16 Ridge Road, Roman Ridge, Accra

Phone: +233 302782669

Logiciel Ghana

Logiciel is an IT company that offers various mobile and cloud-based software for different financial companies that focus on banking and the unbanked through several features like branchless banking, field agent monitoring, customer geo-location mapping, group loans, and many more.

Logiciel boasts over five years of experience in its field of operation in the development of banking systems for over 250 financial institutions across the West African continent.

The company’s primary aim is to provide its customers with the best available cutting-edge technology for various financial institutions, governments, and businesses in Africa.

This helps them to create a cost-effective solution for financial success.

They are located at Nalag house, Golf Street

Phone: +233 302902764


DreamOval is an IT company established in 2007 and offers its various customers a wide range of IT services such as e-payments and collections, cloud services, innovation, and digital strategies.

Some of the products that the company offers to its clients include Wallet, Xylo, my, Cocoa link and qikli.

DreamOval has also won several awards to recognize its achievements over the years. Some of these awards are the youth excellence awards, gold awards in ICT, and Ghana telecom awards. 

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The company can be found at crystal plaza, Lashibi.   

Soronko Solutions

Soronko solutions are a software company that aims to boost the potential of humans through the use of technology.

The company was established by a businesswoman known as Regina Honu in the year 2012.

The company offers several services, which include domain purchase and renewals, the development of software, web hosting, and the development of mobile apps.

The company also has a foundation known as the Soronko foundation, funded by over 70% of the Soronko Solutions IT company’s profits.

The foundation focuses on the empowerment of girls and women across Ghana through training of ICT.


In this article, I have listed some of the top leading IT companies in Ghana that you may have never heard about before.

These companies are making great strides in the technological world, and they are pushing Ghana forward along with their individual growth.

I hope that this article has been very noteworthy to you. Make sure to look through our other topics for more tech knowledge such as Fintech companies in Ghana, and ride-sharing companies in Ghana.  

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