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Top Radio Stations In Kumasi And Their Frequencies

The evolution of radio entertainment from its original communication purpose to a diverse entertainment platform is noteworthy.

Despite the rise of digital platforms and streaming services, radio, in its traditional form, remains immensely popular in Ghana.

Approximately 70% of the Ghanaian population continues to engage with radio, listening an average of four days per week.

Recognizing the enduring relevance and popularity of radio, I have compiled a list of some of the most esteemed radio stations in Kumasi, Ghana.

Evaluating the prominence of a radio station can be approached through various metrics, including its reach, listener preferences, and audience engagement.

Factors such as the geographical coverage, frequency reach, and the frequency of listener interaction, including calls and text messages, contribute to the ranking of these radio stations.

Without further ado, let’s explore some of the best radio stations in the garden city of Kumasi, each with its unique appeal and audience connection.

Luv FM

Despite the departure of many vibrant personalities who once brought life to this radio station, it continues to draw an audience.

Operating at the frequency of 99.5, the station’s enduring appeal suggests a lasting connection with its listeners, demonstrating resilience and adaptability in maintaining its audience base.

Otec FM

Otec FM, standing as one of the oldest radio stations in Ghana, rightfully earns its place on this list.

Despite the changing landscape where some radio stations from its inception have ceased operations, Otec FM has not only endured but continues to command a dedicated audience.

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The station’s resilience is attributed to its compelling programs, notably the evening sports news and political shows, which still attract listeners.

Operating at the frequency of 102.9, Otec FM remains a stalwart in the broadcasting scene.

Oyerepa FM 

Despite being one of the newest entrants into the radio industry, this station has quickly established a notable presence among radio listeners in Ghana.

The contribution of their on-air personalities has been instrumental in this achievement. Notably, the program ‘Oyerepa Afutuo’ has become a favorite among many listeners, further solidifying the station’s standing.

Operating at the frequency of 100.7, this radio station has swiftly garnered attention and loyalty in the competitive radio landscape.

Hello FM   

Emerging as one of the most listened-to FM stations in Ghana presently, this radio station offers a diverse range of exciting programs that captivate its audience.

Positioned at the frequency of 101.5, the station has successfully captured the attention of a broad audience, showcasing the appeal of its content and programming in the dynamic radio landscape.

Fox FM

Being one of the oldest radio stations in Ghana, this station has cultivated a significant following among the people.

Its enduring popularity can be attributed to the excellence of its sports and music programs.

Operating at the frequency of 97.9, the station has become a cornerstone in the hearts of Ghanaians, showcasing the enduring power of quality programming and a dedicated listener base.

Pure FM

Despite being one of the newest additions to the radio landscape in Kumasi, this station has swiftly risen to prominence.

The key to its success lies in the recruitment of some of the most prominent radio personalities.

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Operating at the frequency of 95.7, the station has effectively leveraged the influence of its on-air talents to capture attention and establish itself as a noteworthy player in the local radio scene.

Angel FM

Situated in Abrepo, Kumasi, this radio station has secured one of the largest audiences in the country.

Renowned for its unique programs, particularly the morning show and drive time show, it has become a staple in the radio landscape.

The station’s frequency of 96.1 has served as a consistent point of connection for listeners, solidifying its status as one of the most listened-to radio stations in Ghana.

Kessben FM

Kessben, standing as one of the oldest radio stations in the city of Kumasi, boasts some of the best and most entertaining shows that cater to listeners during their daily commutes.

The station, operating at the frequency of 93.3, has established itself as a reliable source of engaging content, making it a preferred choice for those seeking entertainment while traveling to their places of work.


These are some of the best radio stations in Kumasi city. Whenever you feel like listening to the radio for the first time, try listening to one of these stations, and you will realize why they are the best in the industry. 

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