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Various Vodafone Ghana Data Bundles

In the contemporary world, data bundles have become an integral part of daily life, especially for smartphone users seeking seamless browsing experiences.

The selection of an optimal telecommunication network is crucial, considering factors such as competitive data bundle prices, favorable call rates, and reliable internet speeds.

Vodafone, a prominent telecommunication company in Ghana, excels in meeting these essential criteria, offering compelling deals that cater to diverse communication needs.

Today, our focus is on exploring the array of data bundles provided by Vodafone. The company has curated a comprehensive range of plans to accommodate the preferences of a broad spectrum of internet users.

Whether you are an avid social media enthusiast or a more casual user, Vodafone ensures there is a suitable data plan for you.

Let’s delve into the available data bundles, considering the diverse needs of Vodafone’s customer base.

Vodafone Hour data bundles

Vodafone introduces an exclusive data bundle designed for individuals seeking swift access to large files such as movies or videos within a limited timeframe.

This particular bundle offers a substantial amount of data at a cost-effective price point, catering to the needs of users with specific data consumption patterns.

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It is essential to utilize the entire allocated data within the designated timeframe to maximize the value of this bundle, as any remaining data may expire at the end of the duration.

The Hour Data Bundle is available in two variants:

  1. Streamer Bundle:
    • Data Allocation: 500MB
    • Price: GHS 1.08
    • Duration: 1 hour
  2. Downloader Bundle:
    • Data Allocation: 2GB
    • Price: GHS 2.15
    • Duration: 1 hour

To subscribe to this dynamic data bundle, simply dial *700# and follow the prompts provided. This user-friendly process ensures quick and convenient access to high-volume data for a variety of online activities.

Choose the bundle that aligns with your data requirements and enjoy seamless downloading or streaming within the designated one-hour window.

Vodafone Daily Data Bundle

Vodafone offers a convenient day-to-day data plan tailored for users who may be on a budget or prefer a smaller data allocation for daily internet needs.

This plan is particularly suitable for casual internet users who do not engage in prolonged online activities.

While the daily data plan presents an affordable option for those with specific usage patterns, it’s worth noting that frequent daily purchases may accumulate higher costs over time compared to opting for a more extended data plan.

The daily data plan is categorized into four subgroups, each catering to different data requirements. Users can choose the subgroup that best aligns with their daily internet usage preferences.

It provides a flexible solution for individuals seeking short-term data access without committing to longer-term plans.

For customers interested in this daily data plan, it offers a cost-effective way to meet immediate internet needs without exceeding their budget constraints.

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Vodafone Starter Package

The starter plan gives the customer 25MB for just 0.54pesewas and it stays valid for only a day. To subscribe, please dial *700*65#.    

Vodafone Chat Packages

The chat daily plan gives the customer 130MB for GHS 2.15and it also stays valid for only a day. to subscribe, please dial *700*24#.

Vodafone Browser Max

For GHS 3.25, customers will be given 550MB of data which will be valid for only a day. Dial *700*28# to subscribe to this plan.

Vodafone Browser Lite

Customers get 1GB of data for just GHS 5.4. However, this data stays valid for two days.

Vodafone Weekly Data Bundle

This is the data plan for people who want data that will last for more than two days. The disadvantage of this plan is that customers may see the prices as being expensive. Below are the subgroups under the weekly data plan.

Vodafone Starter

Customers are given 80MB for GHS 2.15 with no expiry date. Dial *700*27# to subscribe for this.

Vodafone Downloader Lite

With GHS 5.4, customers get 450MB which stays valid for 7 days. Dial *700*31# to get this plan

Vodafone Streamer Max

You will get 1.5GB for just GHS 10 with this plan. This plan lasts for 15 days and you can get it by dialing *700*59#

Vodafone Browser Max

This plan will cost you GHS 21.5 and gives you 4GB of data which will have to be used within 7 days. Dial *700*60# to get this plan.

Vodafone Monthly Plan

The monthly data plan is very common among the users of the Vodafone network. It is also divided into three sub-group plans.

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Vodafone Chat Packages

This plan will get you 4GB for GHS 20 and it will stay valid for 30 days. Dial*700*34# to subscribe for this.

Vodafone Downloader Package

This plan will cost you GHS 50 and you will be given 10GB. You can get it by dialing *700# and then following the prompts.

Vodafone Browser Package

With GHS 108, you will be given 20GB, Please dial *700#

Vodafone Jumbo Plans

This is specifically made for people who use data heavily like business people who make use of the internet daily. This bundle is very expensive.

Vodafone Jumbo Streamer

This plan gives you 40GB for GHS 215 and it will last for 30 days. To get this data plan, please dial *700*48#

Vodafone Jumbo Max

This will get you a massive 100GB of data for GHS 320 for a month. Dial *700* and follow the prompts

Vodafone Jumbo Optimus

This plan gets you an even bigger 200GB of data for an equally bigger GHS 430 and it will stay valid for 30 days. Please dial *700* and then follow the prompts to get this data plan.

Vodafone Night Bundle

The Vodafone night data is for people who would want to download more movies over a few hours.

This data is only available at midnight although it can be purchased at any time of the day. it comes in two subgroups, the night king 1 and the night king 2.

Vodafone Night King 1

The Night King 1 gives you 2GB for just GHS 2.15 and will be valid from 12 to 4 am.

Vodafone Night King 2

The Night King 2 gives you a bigger 7.5GB for GHS 5.40 and will also be valid from 12 to 4 am. Please dial *700#. You can also check out how to check your Vodafone number here.

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