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Various Vodafone Ghana Data Bundles

People use data bundles all the time in today’s world. As long as you own a smartphone, you will surely be using data bundles for your browsing needs.

To get the best data bundle packages available, you will have to join any telecommunication network in the country that gives the best data bundles with affordable prices and great call rates.

We all know that this is what most customers look out for before they choose a telecommunication company. Of course, internet speed is also something that they look out for as well.

Vodafone, being one of the major telecommunication companies in Ghana, has a strong claim when it comes to the requirements that influence a potential network customer.

They have some of the best deals available on all that a person considers paramount in communications.

Today, we will be looking at their various data bundles

Vodafone has a wide range of data plans that are suited to almost everyone that uses the internet.

No matter the kind of internet user you are, there is something available for you when it comes to Vodafone.

Whether a heavy social media user or a light one. We are sure you will find what suits you in their array of data bundles.

Let us go through the available bundles.

Vodafone Hour data bundles

This data bundle is available for people who normally like to download some movies or videos within the space of an hour.

Customers get a big amount of data for a relatively smaller price with this bundle option. However, you will have to make sure that you use all the bundles within the designated timeframe or risk losing whatever will be left when the time is up.

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The hour data bundle comes in two flavors. There is the streamer bundle and the downloader bundle.

  • The streamer bundle gets you 500MB for just GHS 1.08 for an hour.
  • The downloader bundle gets you 2GB for just GHS 2.15 for an hour.

If you want to subscribe to this data bundle, please dial *700# and then follow the prompts.

Vodafone Daily Data Bundle

This is a day-to-day data plan that customers can purchase. This may be because a customer is on a low budget and so cannot purchase a bigger data plan.

Therefore they would go for this data plan due to the low price it comes with. Most casual internet users normally prefer this plan since they do not spend long hours online.

The daily data plan comes in four different subgroups. The only disadvantage of this plan is the fact that customers will end up buying data daily which will cost them more in the long run than purchasing a longer data plan.

Vodafone Starter Package

The starter plan gives the customer 25MB for just 0.54pesewas and it stays valid for only a day. To subscribe, please dial *700*65#.    

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Vodafone Chat Packages

The chat daily plan gives the customer 130MB for GHS 2.15and it also stays valid for only a day. to subscribe, please dial *700*24#.

Vodafone Browser Max

For GHS 3.25, customers will be given 550MB of data which will be valid for only a day. Dial *700*28# to subscribe to this plan.

Vodafone Browser Lite

Customers get 1GB of data for just GHS 5.4. However, this data stays valid for two days.

Vodafone Weekly Data Bundle

This is the data plan for people who want data that will last for more than two days. The disadvantage of this plan is that customers may see the prices as being expensive. Below are the subgroups under the weekly data plan.

Vodafone Starter

Customers are given 80MB for GHS 2.15 with no expiry date. Dial *700*27# to subscribe for this.

Vodafone Downloader Lite

With GHS 5.4, customers get 450MB which stays valid for 7 days. Dial *700*31# to get this plan

Vodafone Streamer Max

You will get 1.5GB for just GHS 10 with this plan. This plan lasts for 15 days and you can get it by dialing *700*59#

Vodafone Browser Max

This plan will cost you GHS 21.5 and gives you 4GB of data which will have to be used within 7 days. Dial *700*60# to get this plan.

Vodafone Monthly Plan

The monthly data plan is very common among the users of the Vodafone network. It is also divided into three sub-group plans.

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Vodafone Chat Packages

This plan will get you 4GB for GHS 20 and it will stay valid for 30 days. Dial*700*34# to subscribe for this.

Vodafone Downloader Package

This plan will cost you GHS 50 and you will be given 10GB. You can get it by dialing *700# and then following the prompts.

Vodafone Browser Package

With GHS 108, you will be given 20GB, Please dial *700#

Vodafone Jumbo Plans

This is specifically made for people who use data heavily like business people who make use of the internet daily. This bundle is very expensive.

Vodafone Jumbo Streamer

This plan gives you 40GB for GHS 215 and it will last for 30 days. To get this data plan, please dial *700*48#

Vodafone Jumbo Max

This will get you a massive 100GB of data for GHS 320 for a month. Dial *700* and follow the prompts

Vodafone Jumbo Optimus

This plan gets you an even bigger 200GB of data for an equally bigger GHS 430 and it will stay valid for 30 days. Please dial *700* and then follow the prompts to get this data plan.

Vodafone Night Bundle

The Vodafone night data is for people who would want to download more movies over a few hours.

This data is only available at midnight although it can be purchased at any time of the day. it comes in two subgroups, the night king 1 and the night king 2.

Vodafone Night king 1

The night king 1 gives you 2GB for just GHS 2.15 and will be valid from 12 to 4 am.

Vodafone Night king 2

The night king 2 gives you a bigger 7.5GB for GHS 5.40 and will also be valid from 12 to 4 am. Please dial *700#. You can also check out how to check your Vodafone number here.

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