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How Technology Is Improving Education

We often hear about how spending too much time on social media and mobile phones can hurt us.

However, what we don’t often hear about is the positive side of these technological devices. Technology has brought many positive changes to our lives, particularly in the education sector.

Using technology in education can benefit students, parents, and teachers in many ways. While traditional methods of learning, like using pen and paper, are still important, incorporating technology allows students to learn more effectively and efficiently.

Technology has advanced in almost every area of human life, and education is no exception.

Here are some ways in which technology is playing a significant role in improving education in Ghana and around the world.

It Helps Students To Learn Much Better

Initially, students would be presented with the learning materials by their teachers, and the students then use that material to learn.

With the learning material provided by the teacher, the entire students in the class are expected to use the same material within the same time frame.

This can sometimes become hard when teaching the same material to many students in a class. However, this does not always have to be the case in such situations.

With online learning tools available, the students can learn more flexibly. Students can even understand a subject treated in class much better by watching tutorials on the subject on YouTube.

Students can also carry out a project work or class exercise on the Internet, which will then provide them with feedback to assess their progress.

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They can also find materials on the internet that will give them further knowledge on the subject that was taught in the classroom.

Students who may need further practice on the subject could also do so right on the internet.

This shows that technology has afforded us various ways to educate students. It encourages them to learn on multiple educational websites scattered over the internet on their technological devices like smartphones and tablets.

This helps them to learn while they have fun at the same time.

Connects Parents To Children

Technology allows parents to know what is going on with their children’s education. This was not the case when education used to have minimal involvement from technology.

Before then, parents’ only source of insight into their children’s education came from what they were told by the school teachers as well as what they saw at home.

However, with the involvement of technology, parents can now know exactly how their wards’ education is progressing.

When parents take the education of their children more seriously, the children are likely to achieve success.

This can be done through the communication that has been made available by technology. Parents can now communicate with their children’s schools and get updates about the progress of their education, such as grades and attendance, and their classroom behavior.

Technology also allows parents to reach out to the teachers anytime they need to through emails or messages.

Technology can also be used to help children with their home work when their parents are busy.

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Khan Academy is an educational site that helps students deal with many school works in a step-by-step tutorial.

Another great website known as Classcraft can be handy with school work and personalized learning.

Provides tools for teachers Technology provides teachers with a lot of tools that enhance learning and communication with students and the parents of the students.

Technology can also be used to assist teachers in their development as well through online university courses.

Teachers can also present to the students various educational materials or websites that the students will need, which will help them in their learning.

Many teacher resource materials on the internet can be used to supplement the instructions that teachers give to the students in the classroom.

This shows that teachers also gain many benefits from the application of technology in education.

Teachers can use the internet to send an email to all their students at once when they need to give out instructions and classwork.

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