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Top 10 Online Productivity Tools That Can Make Working From Home More Efficient + (Bonus)

We know that the world is now really changing, and it is changing fast. A few years ago, there was nothing like online productivity tools used to work from home.

You will have to leave the house and go to your place of work, or you stay home and watched TV. At that, the internet was not that advanced as it is now.

However, in today’s computer-controlled world, we have many tools used to work from home. With the help of online productivity tools, people only go to their workplaces when they need to handle something important.

And some people work from home all the time. They do not have to go to any work before they can execute a task.

The recent covid-19 pandemic has made the world realize just how much we could go with working from home. Due to the pandemic spreading on close contact, several companies had to tell their workers to get remote work tools and work from home.

This pandemic highlights one importance of the use of the internet in building a business.
For work at home to be efficient, there are some tools that you will need.

You might have seen many websites talking about online productivity tools, some targeting tools to work from home efficiently, but with this article, I will take you through the most popular ones that make working from home an easy thing to do.

Top 10 Most Popular Work From Home Tools You Should Be Using

Here Are The Most Popular Productivity Tools That Makes Working From Home More Convenient



Slack is one of the best remote work tools; the app allows you to create chat rooms and send private messages and files to your co-workers.

Slack is a tool that is mostly used by CEOs. It allows them to chat with all of their workers so that they will be able to know what the workers are up to while they are working home.

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It also allows the CEO to know if the workers are on the job since they know that the CEO can communicate with them at any time.

Apart from visiting the website of slack to create an account, you can also download the app, which will make your work much easier than having to visit a website every time. The app version is available for both android and IOS.



This website, known as, was founded in 2009, and it is used for sharing large-sized files like pictures, videos, and documents. With this site, you will be able to share big files with your co-workers and employees quickly so that they can do the work smoothly.

Google Drive

google drive

Almost everyone knows about Google Drive. This feature is present in the majority of smartphones that run the Android operating system. The program was launched by google in 2012, and it allows people to store their files in a cloud, which can then be collected back at any time and anywhere that the person may need them.

Doing this will enable people to leave space on their smartphones to help their phones run better because some smartphones tend to be slow when the storage space gets full.

Google drive is perfect for working at home because all the workers can store their work in cloud storage to retrieve it later at the office. They can also share the files from there with anyone.



In some companies, employees usually are making presentations to the company superiors. This is typically the case when you work for a company that deals in services like maybe architecture.

Having This makes production very vital since the employees will have to send constant work presentations to their superiors before deciding on the appropriate one.

This SlideUpLift is an online site where you can find many PowerPoint templates for your presentations. These can help you create unique and remote presentations that will undoubtedly catch the eyes of your superiors.



This app allows you to know precisely when your workers have started working, and the time they close work. It also allows you to track the hours that they have to work on a specific project.

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TimeDoctor enables the employer to know if the employees are working away from their computers or doing something else. You can also get the daily work summary of your employees.



I believe we all have been familiar with Zoom. Oh, With a zoom, you will be able to call your employees on video and see what they are doing.

You can also organize virtual meetings with the whole work team on zoom.
Zoom has been one the most used conference software ever since the pandemic started.



IDoneThis is one of the best office tools that anybody working from home should be using. This software helps the employers know exactly how much work the employees have been able to do and what they are yet to do.

You’re able to know just how much has been within a particular time frame, like a week or even a month.



I know you are wondering why WhatsApp is here. For starters, it is the biggest messaging app globally, which means that employers are likely to contact employees from there.

They will not call them all the time as some employers will not even call workers. They can leave you a message on Whatsapp about how the work is going, and the workers reply when they take a break from what they are doing.

Videos and pictures can also be sent quickly to employers to see how much work has been done. Whatsapp makes all these easier because almost everyone has t on their smartphones.



Soapbox is a tool for workers to share ideas, know the subsequent assignments, and collaborate on what to do next.

With soap, teams can work together without seeing themselves far away because team members can see what other members are doing, their next steps, and many more, just like working with someone at a workplace.



Teamviewer is my next favorite conference app. The app is an alternative to Zoom. The app allows you to share your screen with others, whiles others whiles you can also enable people to access your screen.

Aside from making group meetings, Teamviewer is also used for solving other people’s computer problems. You know why? Because with this app, you can get access to someone’s computer and control it with your computer at home.


fluid software meetings and projects

Fluid is one of the best screen recordings out there. Suppose you are looking for software that enables you to share your screen recording with multiple members, then this is the one for you. It allows you to send video messages.

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You can choose to schedule your live videos, password-protect them.
Fluid also allows you to add a call to action button to your videos and let viewers share their opinions on that particular video.


With the online productivity tools mentioned above, you are sure to get the best out of whatever work that you have been doing at home. These remote work tools have made working from home more convenient.

Even tho the pandemic is not as scary as it used to be when it started spreading, many companies are still letting their employees work from home.

What programs do you use to help you be more productive while working from home?

Frequently Asked Questions When It Comes To Working From Home

  1. How can I work efficiently from home?

    You can work from home more efficiently by using these work-from-home tools.
    The first thing you need is a tool that will prompt you about working from home, and you are all alone by yourself.
    The second thing is to have a tool that lets you schedule your work and then prompt you to progress.
    The third thing is dedication. You have to decide to achieve something for that day; let's say if you have a website to build, make your mind to achieve at least 20% of that task in a single day. You might not be able to accomplish that 20% task, but since you decided to make a try, you might gain at least 10% of it.

  2. What are the five most commonly used productivity tools?

    The five most widely used tools are :
    · Zoom
    · Slack
    · Github
    · WhatsApp
    · Teamviewer

  3. What is the most helpful productivity tool?

    The most helpful productivity is a video conferencing tool, and the most popular one is Zoom. There are many alternatives to zoom, and one of my favorite Zoom alternatives is Teamviewer.

  4. What are the best tools for work from home?

    Below are the 30 best work from home productivity tools:
    Google Drive
    Time Doctor
    Microsoft One Drive
    Microsoft Teams

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