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What Is Vodafone Cash Pay Small Small? And How To Pay For A Mobile In Installments

One of the most expensive things that one can buy is mobile phones, especially when it is being bought from the top shops in town because we want genuine products only.

Due to this, most people in Ghana normally buy used phones since the prices go down and the phone is used for some time.

Some people who try to act smart also buy their phones from roadside sellers and many of these ‘end in tears as they later find out that they have been duped by the sellers.

One of the main reasons why we see such occurrences is due to the lack of proper credit systems whereby people can buy products and pay in installments over a monthly period.

When you go abroad, they have such systems in place that allows people to buy cars and pay in installments over a monthly period until the full amount has been paid.

However, in Ghana, we did not have anything like that here, until Vodafone Ghana decided to step in.

The telecom company has introduced a service through the Vodafone cash service that allows their subscribers to purchase top-quality mobile phones and pay for them in installments.

About Vodafone Cash Pay Small Small

This is a payment system by Vodafone Ghana that allows its users to buy products and services from registered partners and then pay for the products or services in monthly installments.

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You can do all this after you have registered for the Vodafone cash pay small small service. You can use this service to purchase all kinds of gadgets that you may need. 

How It Works

You will have to visit the Vodafone cash website to check out the products that are available for buying.

You will then make the first payment for the product you choose on the day that you decide to register for the service.

After you have made the payment, a unique reference code will then be given to you so that you will able to know the amount you have paid for the product so far over time.

You will also use that same reference code when you are making new payments as well. You will also be required to pay a monthly charge the next month.

For example, after making your first payment on 1st January, you will now make the next payment on 1st February.

The payments will be made from the subscriber’s Vodafone cash wallet. After making the last payment, a pickup code will then be sent to you by Vodafone cash. You will present the code along with your ID card to collect the product you were making payments for.

If you chose to cancel the purchase, 10% of the amount you have paid so far will be deducted while the rest will be returned to your Vodafone cash wallet within 5 days.

The tenor of the items is determined by the shop on the signup platform. So once the tenor has been chosen, it cannot be changed again.

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How To Register Vodafone Cash Pay Small Small

  1. You can register for the service through the following steps.
  2. Dial *110#
  3. Choose option 4
  4. Choose option 6
  5. Choose option 1
  6. Enter the item code on the vendor’s shop
  7. Choose a period of payment. You can choose from 3months to a 1 year
  8. You will get a brief of the product with a monthly installment fee, select option 1
  9. Enter Vodafone cash pin to confirm the payment
  10. A reference code will then be sent to you upon completion

Making Payment Before The Agreed Last Day

  1. Dial *110#
  2. Choose option 4
  3. Choose option 6
  4. Choose option 2
  5. Input the reference code
  6. You will then be given the option to make payment for the remaining amount

Partner shops

The partner-shops where you can buy the products are 

  1. Electroland
  2. iPlace
  3. novotech
  4. sunseekers Tour
  5. appliance Republic


This new service by Vodafone has now made it easier for people to purchase things they need and then pay for them gradually.

People can now pay for what they want even if they do not all the money at that moment.

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