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How To Change Your Netflix Subscriptions Plan In Ghana

So you have gotten yourself a Netflix subscription and you have been enjoying some great movies and shows for some time. However, you now feel like changing your subscription to a different one so you can enjoy what that other subscription has to offer.

If you have read our previous article on how to subscribe to a Netflix subscription, I am sure that you would know all the rates involved. In case you have not seen that article yet, please check it out right here.

So What Is Netflix?

I am sure that this is not the first time you are hearing about Netflix. The name has become so popular that almost everyone knows about it without really knowing what it is all about. Well, Netflix is a streaming service where users can watch movies, documentaries, and lots of TV shows in the comfort of their homes.

Think of it like a home cinema where you get all the latest movies from the biggest stars in the Hollywood industry. When you subscribe to Netflix, you can watch all your favorite movies and shows within the subscription period. 

You can also watch it on almost any device such as tv, laptops, gaming consoles, and your smartphones and tablets. However, the number of devices that you will be able to watch Netflix on will depend on the type of subscription that you purchased.

However, Netflix also makes it possible for you to buy a subscription according to your budget.No no need to kill yourself trying to impress that girl that you have quality movies. Now let us get back to business.

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How To Change Your Netflix Subscription

So now, you are looking to change your subscription to another one, right? Fortunately for you, Netflix has made it very easy to do that and I will be showing you just how you can get that done in the steps below.

One of the best things about a Netflix subscription is that you can get it changed at any time during the duration of your membership with the streaming service. Now let us look at the stepson changing your Netflix subscription below. Please follow it carefully.

  1. Go to and then log into your account page
  2. Go to ‘plan details’ and choose ‘change plans’
  3. You will then be sent to a page where you can view the details of your subscription plan along with the pricing. 
  4. Choose the new plan that you would like to have and then click on ‘update’
  5. Select ‘confirm change’ so that the new changes will take effect. A date on which the new changes will be put into effect will be shown to you

Plan upgrades however are put into effect right away and you get charged on your next billing with the new price included.


So that is the simple way through which you can change your Netflix subscription plan. As you can see, it is very easy. All you have to do is to login into your account on the Netflix website and then make the changes as I have shown in the steps above.

Please note that if you are getting Netflix just because you want Nigerian and Ghanaian movies, you will end up disappointed because Netflix is an American company that focuses largely on American moves, documentaries, and shows. However, if you getting it for Hollywood blockbuster movies, then you are right on target.

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I hope the article has helped answer your questions about how to change a Netflix subscription. Please make sure to view the other Netflix article on its site as well. 

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