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Applying For A Driver’s License In Ghana: Everything You Need To Know

By the regulations of the Republic of Ghana, possessing a valid driver’s license is a prerequisite for operating a motor vehicle within the country, as is the case in nations worldwide.

This discussion will elucidate the procedural steps involved in obtaining a driving permit from the designated regulatory body in Ghana.

For those initiating the application process for a driving permit for the first time, it is imperative to personally attend the offices of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA).

The DVLA, being the authoritative entity overseeing driver licensing matters, is entrusted with the responsibility of administering and regulating the issuance of driving permits in compliance with national legislation.

To commence the application procedure, prospective drivers are advised to present themselves at the designated DVLA office, where a comprehensive and systematic approach to acquiring a driving permit will be facilitated.

The DVLA’s professional staff will guide applicants through the requisite documentation, ensuring that all necessary forms are completed accurately.

Additionally, individuals seeking a driving permit for the first time will be required to undergo a series of assessments, including written examinations and practical driving tests, to evaluate their knowledge of road regulations and driving proficiency.

Successful completion of these assessments is paramount to obtaining the coveted driving permit.

Below Are The Steps To Get Your Driving Permit For The First Time.

Visit the office of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority

You will then need to make some payments to obtain the forms needed for the application. The fees for the forms are as follows;

  • GHS 2.50 for form F
  • GHS 12.50 for form F1
  • GHS 5.00 for an eye test
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Upon obtaining application forms F and F1, thorough completion is crucial. Submit these forms to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) along with the necessary documents: your National Identification Card as proof of age (18 or above) and an educational certificate (BECE or equivalent).

The DVLA will provide study materials for the highway code. Following form submission, undergo eye and physical tests conducted by the DVLA.

Successful completion is essential for advancing your driving permit application, emphasizing the commitment to road safety standards.

After passing the eye test and the physical test, you will make some payments after which the authority will issue you with a driver’s permit, L-plate for a car, syllabus as well as the highway code. The things issued to the driver normally are;

  • A learner’s license
  • Highway code
  • A learner’s license booklet
  • A learner’s L-plate

Acquiring A GhanaianDriving License Fees

There will be fees to be paid before one will be issued with all these things. The fees for the respective items are as follows;

  • Learner’s plate- GHS 23.00
  • Syllabus for the learner- GHS 5.00
  • Highway code- GHS 5.00
  • Learner’s license booklet- GHS 2.50

Following the initial steps, applicants are required to enroll in a two-day course with a DVLA-accredited driving school. Those with expired licenses must pass a written exam scoring 70% or above.

Next, revisit the DVLA for a written test (GHS 5.00) and provide biometric information (GHS 4.00). Undertake a computer-based test, followed by a traffic-based test explaining road signs (GHS 4.00). After passing these, take a final test with a DVLA instructor for a cover note.

Upon completing all tests, pay for a temporary driver’s license. Return to the DVLA for a temporary license photo (GHS 5.00) and the license itself (GHS 5.00).

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Return later with the cover note to exchange for the permanent driving license, along with the issuance of a P-plate.

Registering Your Driver’s License Online

To apply for a driver’s license online, please follow the below steps.

  1. You will create an account with the DVLA by visiting their internet site.
  2. You will then register by filling in some forms with the relevant information needed such as full name, nationality, ID number, gender, and place of birth.
  3. You will then fill in your contact details and then verify the account you just created through your email address.
  4. After verifying the account, you will then log back into the online portal to send your application.
  5. You will click on the ‘apply for driver service’ and then choose ‘’new driver license’
  6. You will then fill in the permit information such as the license class A, B,E, AB,AE,BE,ABE.
  7.  You will then have to make payment through an online platform with a credit card for the license class that you choose. The license class and their fees are shown below.
  • A-  GHS 190
  • B- GHS 160
  • E- GHS 134
  • AB- GHS 210
  • AE- GHS 190
  • ABE- GHS 210

The applicant will then visit the DVLA offices after applying online to continue with the physical aspects of the application. The applicant will then go through all the tests as an applicant who applied directly at the DVLA office from the beginning. 

So these are the ways through which people can apply for their driver’s license in Ghana and the fees involved.

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Please note that the fees could be slightly higher or lower when one goes to the DVLA office since increments can take place at any time.

We hope this article was very helpful to anyone who has been looking at how he or she could apply for a license before going ahead with it. 

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