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All The Latest MTN Ghana Call Packages: Shortcodes, How to Subscribe, And More

This article is a complete guide covering all the latest MTN call packes in Ghana. In this article, you will find the MTN MashUp package, MTN Free After One, Sunday Special, MTN Jaara, Kokrokoo.

And if you want to make free calls without paying for anything, this article also covers MTN Akwaaba and MTN international call bundles if you’re going to make international calls.

When it comes to telecommunication in Ghana, we have MTN Ghana, Vodafone Ghana, and AirtelTigo. Still, the most used network in this country is MTN Ghana, and because of that, we will cover MTN Ghana call packages.

MTN was launched in Ghana in 2009. After hard work and making sure their network becomes accessible in all parts of the world, the company met Ghana Telecom, which is now Vodafone.

Ghanaians started migrating to the network. Not only did Ghanaians migrated from the network because of their network coverage.

Many Ghanaians also migrated because of how cheap they have made the call packages.

This article will focus on all the call packages, shortcodes, and how to subscribe to make you enjoy your MTN network.

Knowing all the MTN call packages will let you know the ones to use and how to use them. Some involve making free calls without paying for anything. 

And some also involve paying for a small amount of airtime and having the rest of the hour free. Some also include paying for a small amount, and then you will be allowed to make free calls the whole day.

I know you can’t wait for me to take you through all these so I won’t waste much time. Let’s dive in.

MTN Mashup

mtn mashup

MTN mashup is one of the most used packages in Ghana, and this package allows you to choose to bundle for calls, bundle only or call and bundle.

MTN launched this package to make it easy for Ghanaians to have both calls and data packages in one purchase.

So let’s say when you buy airtime to make a bundle, you can choose to bundle your airtime for calls only if you are like me, who loves browsing a lot. You can choose to use your airtime to purchase only the bundle. MTN allows you to purchase both the calls packages and the bundle packages if you also want both.

Mtn MashUp Code 

The shortcode for MTN MashUp is *567#. This shortcode allows you to choose the type of mashup offers you want. After choosing your preferred package, you will then receive a confirmation message from 567. so if you receive a message from 567, you have to know it is from MTN MashUp. You will also receive a message from that number when you call, and bundle packages get exhausted.

MTN Mashup Packages 

MTN has recently updated the MashUp process and the days it lasts. At first, MashUp bundles used to expired based on the type of package you chose, if you chose daily MashUp, the bundle would disappear when the 24 hours is up, same goes for when you bundle for a week or a month, and in this article, you are going to know the updated packages.

There are 4 MTN MashUp packages: the GHS 1 MashUp, The GHS 5 MashUp, The GHS 10 MashUp, and The GHS 30.

Now let’s dive into all the packages and how to subscribe to each one of them.

The GHS 1 MTN MashUp Packages

  • The GHS 1 package allows you to choose between:
  • 25MB and 25.67 Mins
  • 30.8MB and 20.53 Mins
  • 35.93MB and 15.40 Mins
  • 51.33MB only

The GHS 5 MTN MashUp Packages

For the GHS 5 MashUp packages, you get to choose between:

  • 144.84MB and 144.84 Mins
  • 173.81MB and 115.87 Mins
  • 202.78MB and 86.91 Mins
  • 289.69MB only

The GHS 10 MTN MashUp Packages

For the GHS 10 MashUp package, you get to choose from:

  • 303.95MB and 303.95 Mins
  • 364.74MB and 243.16 Mins
  • 425.53MB and 182.37 Mins
  • 607.90MB only

The GHS 30 MTN MashUp Packages

  • For the GHS 30 package, you only get 3161.22 MB of data.

Now let’s talk about how to buy the MTN MashUp packages. When it comes to purchasing the MTN MashUp package, aside from getting to choose between calls and bundles, you also get to select t buy for yourself and also buy for someone else. Let’s cover all of them.

How To Buy The MTN MashUp Package For Yourself

  1. Dial the MTN MashUp code *567#
  2. Select 1: MashUp For Self
  3. Choose between the MashUp offers (GHS 1, GHS 5, GHS10, and GHS 30)
  4. Choose the exact amount you want to purchase, or you can select 2 to enter your preferred amount. MTN will calculate the equivalent in data and calls for you
  5. Now choose between the data and call packages you want 
  6. choose 1 or 2 to pay with Airtime or Mobile Money

How To Buy The MTN MashUp Package For Somebody

  1. Dial *567#
  2. Select 2: MashUp For Others
  3. Enter the Phone Number of the Receiver and confirm again
  4. Choose from the MashUp Offers (MashUp GHS 1, MashUp GHS 5, MashUp GHS 10, MashUp GHS 30)
  5. Enter the amount you want to buy for that person
  6. Choose between the one you want to buy for the person, either more minutes or more data packages.

Do you know if you chose when making the purchase, you could convert the minutes back to data? Yes, you heard me right. MTN Ghana allows you to convert your MashUp minutes back to data.

This is also useful when you choose more minutes and don’t have any calls to make. You can then convert the minutes back to data and then use it o browse.

How To Convert Your MashUp Minutes Back To Data

  1. Dial *567#
  2. Select 3: Convert Minutes To Data
  3. Enter the minutes you want to convert back to data
  4. MTN will let you know the amount of data that minutes will give you 
  5. Select 1 to confirm and then see your minutes converted back to data.

How To Get 67MB For Just GHS 0.07 Pesewas

  1. Dial *567*1*1#
  2. Select 2: Enter Amount
  3. On the amount side, type in 0.07
  4. Select 4: for 59MB 

This simple trick allows you to get 59MB for just GHS 0.07 Pesewas. To get more, all you have to do is repeat the process to accumulate more bundles.

Mtn Free After 1 

mtn free after one call screen

MTN Free After 1 is an offer that MTN launched on November 2, 2018. The MTN Nkomode allows users to make calls for one hour and only pay for the first minute.

But when someone using MTN with this plan activated decides to call a number on a different network, the person can only talk for 5 minutes and pay for the first minute of the call.

How To Activate MTN Nkomode / Free After 1

  1. Dial *550#
  2. Select 6: MTN Free After 1
  3. Select 1 to Activate
  4. Confirm by choosing 1 again.

MTN Akwaaba

mtn akwaaba

Mtn Akwaaba, also known as MTN Magic Number, is an offer given to new MTN customers. Every telco in Ghana has its way of welcoming new customers, and MTN welcomes people that buy their Simcard with the Akwaaba Offer.

The MTN Akwaaba offer allows new MTN users to make free calls on one chosen number for 6 months. The user can talk all the minutes they want with their selected number for free.

One thing to note is, with MTN Akwaaba, users can use just one number, and once that number is set up, you can not change it again; therefore, users are advised to make a good decision.

(Let’s say you buy a new Simcard and you use your partner’s number to make the Akwaaba offer, when the relation collapse, you can’t change the number).

You can read this full guide taking you through making free calls on MTN.

How To Activate MTN Akwaaba / Magic Number

  1. Get a new MTN Simcard and dial *550#
  2. Select 8: More
  3. Select 1: Magic Number
  4. Choose 1: MTN Free Call Offer 
  5. Type in the number you want to make free calls with for six months.
  6. Now confirm 

MTN Ghana International Call Bundles

To make calls abroad, one needs to have international call bundles because calling international numbers is very costly. To save you a lot of money, you need to make international calls using your international call bundle. These bundles allow you to call countries like Canada, India, the USA, UK, and many other countries.

How To Purchase The MTN International Call Bundles 

  1. On your phone, dial *138#
  2. Select 99: More
  3. Choose 6, which is More
  4. Select 1: Combo Bundle
  5. Select 1: Buy For Self
  6. Choose Option 2: IDD Bundles
  7. Now choose the country you will want to call
  8. Select the amount you want to buy
  9. Press 1 to confirm
  10. Now choose your payment method, whether to pay with Airtime or Mobile Money.

MTN Ghana International Call Bundle Code 

The shortcode for MTN Call Bundle packages is *138#. after dialing the case, then you follow the steps to buy your preferred international call bundle

Mtn International Call Bundle Rates

30 minsGHS 2.1
70 minGHS 5.24
150 minsGHS 10.48

MTN Sunday Special

mtn sunday special

MTN Sunday Special allows users to enjoy unlimited calls and SMS on Sundays.

There are two types of Sunday specials, the one that allows you to make free calls between 12 midnight and 5:59 PM for just GHS 0.54 Pesewas. And the one that will enable you to make calls from 12 midnight to 12 plus free SMS and 20MB till midnight for GHS 1.

The Shortcode for MTN Sunday Special

The shortcode for MTN Sunday Special is *5050#. However, you can directly subscribe to the MTN Sunday Special offer by sending start to 5050 through SMS.

How To Activate MTN Sunday Special

  1. Dial *5050#
  2. Select 1 to pay GHS 1 and make calls, SMS and get 20MB to use from midnight to midnight. You can also select 2 for the GHS 0.52 Pesewas offer.
  3. Select 1 to confirm and then start making free calls and SMS in addition to free browsing with your 20MB data.

MTN Jaara

MTN Jaara is a program by MTN that allows users in some selected regions to make calls for the whole day at the cost of GHS 0.52.

The regions MTN Jaara works on are Brong Ahafo Region, Northern Region, Upper East Region, Upper West Region, Volta Region.

What Is The Shortcode For MTN Jaara?

The shortcode for MTN Jaara is *5055#. This offer works from Monday to Saturday.

How To Subscribe To MTN Jaara

To subscribe to MTN Jaara, all you have to do is dial the shortcode *5055#. After that, follow the steps to activate this excellent offer. 

Kokrokoo Bundle 

The Kokorokoo bundle allows you to enjoy 30 minutes of talk time and 400 MB of data for just GHS 1.

The Kokrokoo offer works from 5:00 AM to 8:00 PM, and the shortcode for the MTN Kokrokoo bundle is *138#.

How To Buy MTN Krokrokoo Bundle 

  1. Dial *138#
  2. Select 3: Kokrokoo Bundle
  3. Choose Buy For Self
  4. Select 1 for GHS 1
  5. Press 1 to buy


MTN Pay4me call screen

MTN Pay4Me allows MTN users to make a call and let the user pay for the call. With MTN Pay4Me, all the caller needs to do is dial 154, followed by the number they want to call. 

So let’s say I want to call the MTN number 0549XXXXXX, and I don’t have airtime to make that call. All you have to do is dial 1540549XXXXXX. The call will go through. The receiver will be notified it is a pay4me call.


As a proud MTN user, it is best to know all the latest MTN Ghana call packages to make you know the best and cheapest offers to use.

And in this article, we decided to write everything covering MTN call packages. This article covers MTN MashUp, MTN Free After One, MTN Ghana International Call Bundles, MTN Sunday Special.

Kokrokoo Bundle MTN Akwaaba, MTN Jaara and MTN Pay4ME.

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