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MTN Ghana Midnight Bundle Packages

If you are someone who prefers to browse and download loads of things from the internet instead of sleeping at night, we may have some good news for you.

However, this is only good news if you are a user of MTN Ghana. One of the most annoying things that could happen to you is running out of data while you are downloading Avengers Endgame.

You surely cannot download such a movie with a data bundle of 500MB. In this article, we will be showing you some amazing midnight offers available on MTN Ghana.

Users who have money in their mobile money wallets will be able to even purchase these midnight data bundles easily.

If you do not have money in your mobile money account, you will have to buy the airtime during the day and then keep it till the night since you cannot buy airtime anywhere at night.

Maybe some ghost has started selling some lol. Anyway, here we go.

 The midnight data bundle is a category of the bundle that MTN users can use to browse at night at a much cheaper price than what is offered for day browsing.

The midnight data bundle can only be used at night and not during the day. The time allotted for the usage of the midnight data bundle is from 12 am to 5 am. 

One amazing thing is that the midnight data bundle does not expire so users can make use of it at any time that they desire.

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MTN Night Data Bundle And Prices

The cost of the MTN midnight bundle depends on the amount of data you are purchasing. The MTN midnight bundles are so cheap compared to the midnight bundles of other networks.

So here are the prices and the corresponding data bundle that it purchases. The data bundles can be purchased by using either airtime on your mobile or by buying with money on your MTN mobile money wallet.

  • GHS 1 purchases 2.87GB
  • GHS 1.99 purchases 5.72GB
  • GHS 2.00 purchases 5.74GB

There is, however, a special hack I would like to share with you. If you want to get enough bundles to download large movies, while you are entering the amount of money, enter GHS 2.99. MTN will end up giving you 8.59GB. Thank me later.

Everyone that uses the MTN Ghana network is eligible to purchase the midnight data bundles.

However, your MTN Ghana SIM card must be registered and the SIM card should be functioning correctly as well.

How to Subscribe For The MTN Midnight Data Bundles

Once you have loaded your MTN with enough airtime or you are sure that you have enough money in your mobile money wallet, follow the steps below to subscribe for the midnight data bundles.

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  1. Dial *138#
  2. Choose option 2
  3. Choose option 1. You can also choose option 2 to purchase the bundle for other people
  4. Select option 1
  5. Input the amount you would like to purchase, between 0.1 to 2.99
  6. The details of the bundle will be shown to you if the amount entered matches that data bundle. Choose option 1      
  7. Select option 1 to pay with airtime
  8. You will receive a confirmation message once the transaction is complete.
  9. To purchase the midnight data bundle with money from your mobile money wallet:
  10. Follow the steps given above until you reach where you have to choose the payment method.
  11. Select option 2 to use mobile money to pay for the data bundle
  12. You will then need to confirm the data purchase. Input your MoMo PIN
  13. Select option 1 to confirm the purchase
  14. A message will then be sent to notify you once the transaction is complete 

Another hack I have for you is that you can use the midnight data bundle during the day. Most people do not know this so we are sharing this tip with you. Just don’t show it to MTN.

Your ability to use the data during the day will largely be based on the phone you are using.

If it is a current high-end phone then please forget about this hack. However, if your mobile is not a high-end phone, then MTN will not be able to detect the hack.

Here is the hack. You will have to turn off the automatic time update or you use network provider time. Different devices will use a different names but you should be able to see what we mean.

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Now reset the time on your device to 12:15 am and then restart the phone to effect the new changes.

You will then be able o use the midnight data bundle during the day.

Please note that this hack may work or not depending on your device. It may also not work at all. Just pray before you try it. Lol.

So this article was about how you could get MTN midnight data to browse and download during the night. We also threw in a few hacks for you. Remember, they may work or not work. You can also check out Vodafone night packages.

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