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Updated: How To Make Free Calls On MTN Ghana For Six Months

Are you looking for how to make free calls on MTN Ghana? Or have you ever asked yourself if it is possible to make free calls on MTN without airtime? or what is the MTN free after 1 code?

Yes, it is possible to make free calls on MTN for 6 good months without airtime, and that is what this article will take you through in addition to the step-by-step guide on how to register the MTN 6 months free calls, which is also known as MTN magic number code.

Also, you will get to know the other exciting MTN codes for free calls and not only the MTN Akwaaba offer which will benefit you if you like making free calls on MTN.

Over the past years, MTN has been the most used network in Ghana, with its motto as “Everywhere You Go” with comprehensive coverage all over the country.

MTN Group Limited was established in 1994 as M-Cell, with backing from the South African authorities.


They were the first to introduce GSM technology to Ghana in 1996 with services like; caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, barren, holding and transfer, SMS, and conference calls.

In 1997, they were the first to introduce billing. From then, in 1998, the name of the company changed to Spacefone and then to MTN.

MTN Group Limited became the first to introduce electronic recharges in 2005 and the first telecommunications coverage in all ten regions in Ghana in 2006.

They keep pushing harder, and in 2007, MTN Group became the first telecom to set a foundation in Ghana.

In 2008, they were the first telecom to launch a blackberry service in Ghana; they did it again to introduce dynamic tariffing, popularly known as MTN zone.

The most exciting part is that in 2009, they were also the first telecom to launch mobile money in Ghana.

Given the above-mentioned and many more, MTN has the upper hand among the telecommunication networks in Ghana.

This article is a step-by-step guide on how to make free calls on MTN for 6 whole months by using the MTN magic number offer.

If you find yourself not qualified for this incredible offer, this article also channels your focus on their amazing offers like MTN free after one, pay for me, and other offers.

MTN Akwaaba Offer

mtn akwaaba offer

Are you searching for how to make free calls on mtn without airtime? The Akwaaba, also known as the MTN magic number is an incredible offer that allows you to make a free call with a particular MTN number for a whole 6 months.

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This is a free offer when you register for this service, and it has no limit or duration.

You can talk for the entire day if you have the time to do so with your magic number chosen, here are the steps taking you through how to activate the MTN magic number and make free calls for six months in Ghana by dialling the MTN magic number code.

I know you want to know the MTN magic number code so that you start making fee calls, let’s get to it.

These are the steps taking you through how to make free calls on MTN without airtime because MTN Akwaaba was launched to make new users make free calls on the MTN network.

How To Make Free Calls On MTN For 6 Months With MTN Akwaaba Offer

mtn sim card
  1. Get a registered MTN sim card and insert it into your phone and on the phone.
  2. Dial *550# and send.
  3. Select/type 7 to choose the Magic number option and send.
  4. Select 1 for the MTN Free Call Offer and send.
  5. Now type in your Magic number or your friend’s number and send

NB; this offer is only available to MTN-registered SIM cards less than three months old.

Frequently Asked Questions When It Comes To Making Free Calls On MTN

  1. What is the MTN Magic Number?

    MTN Magic Number is a service launched by MTN Ghana that allows you to make free calls with one number for 6 good months. The service is given to new customers to make them enjoy using the MTN sim card.
    When users buy a new sim, they have 3 months to set up their special number to make free calls.

  2. How can I register my MTN Special Number?

    You can register your MTN special number by yourself to do this:
    Dial *550#
    Select 6: Free After One
    Select 1: Activate
    Type in your Special number and enjoy free calls on MTN

  3. How Can I Talk Unlimited On MTN?

    You can talk unlimited on MTN by subscribing to the MTN Magic number. This service allows you to make free and unlimited calls with your chosen MTN number.

  4. What Is The Code For MTN Free After?

    The updated shortcode for MTN free after one is *550#. All you have to do is dial this MTN offers code and select Free after one; now activate and enjoy free calls on MTN.

  5. Can I Register More Than One Number On MTN Magic Number?

    MTN Ghana launched the MTN magic number to allow new users to make free calls with one chosen number.
    After activating using your favorite person’s number, you can not change the number or add another number again, and you can make free calls with that special number for 6 months.

  6. Is There A Different Between MTN Magic Number And MTN Akwaaba?

    MTN Magic Number and MTN Akwaaba are all the same offer which allows you to make free calls on MTN.
    It is sometimes referred to as MTN Akwaaba because of ‘Akwaaba’ in Akan means ‘Welcome’. This MTN offer is also only accessible to newcomers.
    Some also call it the MTN Magic number because you will be able to use one number, and you are going to be able to call this number for free for 6 good months.

  7. Code For MTN Magic Number?

    The shortcode for MTN Magic Number is *550#

  8. What is the MTN magic number code?

    The MTN magic number code is *550# followed by typing the number and then confirming.

MTN Free After One Offer (Nkomod3)

making free calls on mtn

MTN free after one is one of the most exciting offers. I enjoy using MTN. This offer allows you to talk for a whole hour on MTN to MTN number by paying for only the first minute of your call, this call offer is as low as 30ps, and also you get to enjoy free 50MB data to chat, browse or download anything of your choice.

The only secret people don’t know about this offer is that when you subscribe, you can also call other telecom networks like AirtelTigo, Vodafone, Glo, etc., for five minutes and also pay for just the first minute of your call.

How To Access MTN Free After One (Nkomod3)

  1. Get a registered MTN sim card.
  2. Insert it into your phone and on the phone.
  3. Dial *315#, which is the activation code, and send. A pop-up menu will appear.
  4. Select one (1), which stands for activating and send. A pop-up will appear again.
  5. Type one (1), which stands for confirming and send.
  6. You made it. Now you are entitled to enjoy all the benefits of this offer.

MTN Pay4Me Offer

mtn pay4me call

MTN Pay4me offer is a great offer that helps you most in terms of need. It is an offer that allows the receiver of the call to pay for it.

You can sometimes get stuck and need to talk to someone, but you checked your phone, and there was no or not enough call credit. With the help of this offer, you can still talk to the person without recharging your account.

How To Activate MTN Pay4Me Offer

To make this MTN Pay4Me offer, dial 154 before dialing the receiver’s number. For example, 02444444444 is the number you want to call.

Just dial 1540244444444 and press send to make your call. All that matters in this fantastic offer is that the receiver must have enough airtime balance.

Talking of free calls, you can also read our article on how to extend your MTN bonus if it is yet to expire.

How To Make Free Calls To Ghana

Many people that are outside the country would want to make calls to Ghana for free, there are so many ways to go about it.

There are so some websites that will allow you to make free calls to Ghana and in addition, you will be asked to perform some simple tasks like watching video ads 

Some of the sites: and 

What you need to remember is that these websites use credits so if you visit the website and there are no credits it means you have to wait for some time. 

Also, this website will ask you to share their website on social media channels in return to get free calls that you can use to call your family and friends in Ghana.

So what if you visit this website and decide to make free calls and then find out there is no credit for making these free courses? what will you do? There are alternatives to help you make free calls to Ghana. 

Here are some of the apps that will help you make free phone calls to ghana using the internet

  •  WhatsApp
  • Telegram
  • Facebook Messenger


MTN has been the leading telecom network in Ghana, and up to date, they still have the upper hand among all the telecom competitors in Ghana.

Their call offers like MTN Akwaaba (also known as MTN magic number), MTN Free after one, Pay4me as explained above, and many more in due course attract many peoples and not forget their comprehensive coverage.

In this article, we went through how to register MTN 6 months free calls, the code for MTN magic number (which other people also refer to as the MTN free after one code), and the steps involved to enjoy these free calls offer.

Also, we went through other MTN codes for free calls like MTN Free After One (also known as MTN Nkomode) and MTN Pay 4 Me.

We knew people would also be looking for how to register for the MTN 6-month free call so we made sure it is included in this article, now start making free calls on MTN without airtime.

We saw people searching for how to make free calls to Ghana so we also included a step-by-step guide on making free calls to Ghana.

According to analysis, MTN is the only telecom that provides the best mobile money services to its customers in Ghana.

And through this mobile money service, we have MTN Quickloan which is helping many Ghanaians when they need money quickly.

Talking about MTN mobile money, do you know there are ways to withdraw your money from MTN mobile money even without an ID card? read this article taking you through how to withdraw money from your MTN mobile money account if you don’t have an ID card with you.

We also have a Vodafone call packages article right here, read this article to know the best Vodafone call deals.

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