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Here Is How You Can Update Your MTN SIM Card Registration Details

As you all know, there had been some news going around that everyone in the country called Ghana would have to re-register their mobile lines again. 

This was said to have been spoken by the country’s vice president. This news was met with outrage from the population because they did not see how a re-registration of their SIM cards would improve the mess that the nation was sinking in. 

However, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, this SIM registration seems not to have been able to take ground. 

That does not mean that you should sit around, though. Please upgrade the registration of your SIM card so that in case this registration brouhaha should be resurrected by the government again. You would already be safe.

MTN Ghana is always known to be the first to roll out some programs, and they have done it again by unveiling a platform that will allow their customers to upgrade the registration of their SIM cards. 

This new feature rolled out by MTN Ghana allows their customers to register their SIM cards right in the comfort of their homes. (The actual thing would have probably been another annoying queue from morning to evening) 

The new feature works on both old and newly bought SIMS as well. This means that people can now register their SIMs by themselves in their homes. 

The feature is also totally free as it does not come with any charges (Except probably your data). This is very interesting, mainly because it is coming from MTN.

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However, those who would like to register their SIMs with their Ghana cards will have to visit an MTN office near them since they will not be able to do that on their own.

Requirements For SIM Registration 

There are some requirements that you must meet before you can carry out the registration. These requirements are:

  1. You must be a Ghanaian subscriber in Ghana. 
  2. You must have a valid national identification card, voter card, driver’s licence, passport, or a new Ghana card.
  3. A foreigner will have to use the passport of his nationality before he can register.
  • Length of the new feature

The feature was initially scheduled to end by the end of 2022. However, it is still active as of now, and so anyone who wants to update their SIM card registration will now be able to do so.

How To Update Your MTN Registration Details 

Follow the steps below to register your SIM card with the new feature.

  1. Go to the MTN registration portal at
  2. Input your MTN mobile number and then press on ‘proceed.’
  3. MTN will then send you an OTP code via SMS
  4. Enter the code, which is six digits 
  5. Check on your first, middle, and last names.
  6. Update your date of birth, including your ID type and the ID number
  7. You should also check and update your gender and your residential address, including your Ghana post GPS, as well.
  8. Choose your region of residence.
  9. Select your nationality
  10. You will upload a picture of your ID card. The maximum size of the picture must be only 4MB
  11. You will be required to upload another photo of the ID with you holding the ID this time around. Make sure that it is a clear photo.
  12. Now click on ‘update details.’
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After the update has been completed, a message will be sent to you to confirm it via SMS again.


As you can see, this is probably the best way to upgrade the registration of your SIM card compared to the one in which you would have had to join a long queue from dawn till the evening, as is the case whenever the government makes mention of something that the people should register for.

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