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MTN Has Postponed The Implementation Date For The Mobile Money ID Requirement: Here Is Why

Recently MTN Ghana is stepping up its game when it comes to transactions on the mobile money service.

MTN mobile Money has been in existence for more than ten years now.

And ever since the platform was launched, it has changed the lives of Ghanaians.

Aside from helping us send and receive money at ease, the platform also comes with MTN Quickloan which gives you a loan, and then you pay back later. People sometimes complain about not being eligible for the MTN Quickloan offer, if you are one of them, then I will suggest you read our article on why you might not be qualified for the MTN Quick loan service.

Before the invention of mobile money, people were finding it difficult to send and receive money.

Since MTN group launched the MTN mobile money service, it’s used by Ghanaians almost every day.

But some people who call themselves fraudsters were doing their best to tarnish the image of the mobile money service.

What these fraudsters do is call people and tricking them in a way to steal their money.

It’s through this trick we got to hear of ‘sister now ooo, London.’

These fraudsters have succeeded in doing it to people by tricking them into getting access to their mobile money account and draining the accounts.

MTN has been doing its best to stop these fraudsters by giving us numbers to report such incidents.

Also, they have integrated an option in the mobile money shortcode to report a fraudulent mobile number.

And now MTN is going to make it harder for fraudsters to steal people’s money.

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To do this, they decided to roll out a new policy called “No ID Card, No Cash Out.”
The new policy will make sure you can only withdraw mobile money with a national id card, be it a voter’s ID card, health insurance, passport, driver’s license, and many more.

But recently, MTN has decided to postpone the date for the implementation. So why have they decided to wait?

MTN decided to roll this new policy out in February, but after thinking twice, they have decided to roll it out in April.

So Why Has MTN Postponed The Implementation Date For The Mobile Money ID Requirement?

They decided to postpone in other to take their time and educate the public first. Because if they choose to be in a rush, the same fraudsters will try and take advantage of this and continue to steal people’s money.

So to the one reading this, are you ready for this new regulation?

Update: And now the new policy has been working, now you can only withdraw your MTN mobile money with a valid ID card, however we have an article taking you through 5 easy ways to withdraw MTN mobile money if you don’t have an ID card with you.

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