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How To Publish Your First Article On Opera News

In this article, I will take you through how to publish your first article on the opera news hub because we all now know it is possible to make some money whiles using your phone and one of the best ways is to write for Opera news hub get paid.

Before continuing with this article, you can read our previous article covering everything you need to know about Opera news hub, how to join, set up your account, and more.

After writing that article, people were struggling with how to write an article, so I made an article detailing how to write an article with a step-by-step guide.

Now I assume you have already created your Opera news account and know what to write, but you would like to know how to write and submit your first Article on the hub.

Before diving in, opera news hub has editors that will review any article you will submit after review, they will approve, and it will be boosted.

If your Article goes against any of their guidelines, it will be rejected with reason.

You will be given another chance to re-edit and resubmit (these are Articles with grammatical errors on the headlines). Now that you know this let’s get to it.

How To Publish Your First Article on Opera News Hub

  1. Login to your Opera news hub Account with your Gmail account or Facebook.
  2. On your Dashboard, click on Create on the top left.
  3. Here you will see the Title and message body, type in the title of your article, and then write your Article. You can insert a link. Bold a text and change the headings in your text.
  4. Now select a thumbnail for your Article. You can choose a Single thumbnail or a Triple thumbnail. Also, note that you can choose the thumbnails from the images you inserted in your Article.
  5. Type in the Topic of your Article. The topic includes the category of your Article (e.g., MTN, Facebook, passport).
  6. Now you can click on the preview to preview how your Article will look when published; you can also Draft it and post it right away.
  7. After you publish your article, you will be taken to your Content Library, where you will see the status of your content.
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Image Steps On Creating Content On Opera News


Here Are The Kinds Of Status On the Hub And What It Means

  • Pending -You will see this as soon as you publish your Article because, as I said, an editor will have to review your Article before it goes live.
  • Drafts: Articles that you have drafted will be on draft status
  • Rejected: Your Article will have a Rejected status when the editor sees something wrong with the Article. The following reasons might get your Article rejected 
  • Your Article goes harm the interest of the platform and others.
  • Rejected Due to grammatical or Spelling error/Insulting or special symbol in the headline.
  • Your Article is inconsistent with the Article
  • Rejected because it contains game content
  • Rejected because it contains out-of-date content
  • Denied due to clickbait.

What Are Clickbait Articles?

Clickbait articles are the kind of articles that comes with a title to lure you just to read whiles the content does not go with the Title.

E.g., when an article goes with the title “How to make GHS 1000 a day.”

And when you click on the Article to read, you will see the writer asking you to join a Ponzi and invest GHS 500 to receive GHS1000.

Final Words

Opera news hub is one of the best platforms for earning money from the content you write. However, one must know what they are doing before submitting articles on the hub because they are reviewed.

We have an article taking you through how to write content that won’t get rejected. Also, this Article covers how t submit your first Article on the opera news hub.

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