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Top Online Shopping Sites for Photocopiers In Ghana

If you are in Ghana, and you are looking for a reliable site to buy a photocopier machine, you need to read this article to the end so that you do not fall into the pit of disappointment I was trapped in when I wanted to start a printing business near a school.

I remember when I completed Senior High School and for one or two reasons couldn’t move into tertiary directly so decided to establish a printing business behind a University campus in Accra.

With my hard-earned money, I decided to look for a photocopier machine and other peripherals to buy so I went on one of these popular sites that I do not want to disclose its name to order my machine and its peripherals.

Hmmmm!! The first disappointment gave me the red flag; I was told my products would be delivered to me in a few hours but hey! It took me 3 days to get my order.

That wasn’t all I used the machine for a month and it started giving me faults. Eiii!! What a damn! I called them but no tangible reason was given.

I emailed but chai! No reply. So I took it as my mistake and forgot about it because it was giving me a headache.

It was later a friend told me that next time I should be vigilant and look for a reliable site not those with just names.

I should sometimes look for the ones with customer reviews and ratings.

I have learned my lesson and so I do not want you to go through a similar situation I have done a thorough search about the top online sites you can rely on when it comes to photocopiers.

But in today’s era of fast-paced business where having a reliable photocopier is important for smooth operations, you need a quality photocopier, whether you are a small business owner, a student, an office manager, or a school, finding the right photocopier at the most competitive price is crucial.

Luckily, online shopping sites have made it much easier than before to browse and purchase photocopiers in Ghana.

Are you looking for a reliable online site to get a quality and affordable photocopier machine? What specs do you look out for?

This article has covered all you need to know about top online sites where you can purchase photocopier machines no matter your specifications.

Continue reading this article for in-depth knowledge to make an informed decision when purchasing photocopiers via a site.

Without wasting much time let me head you to these top sites where you can purchase your photocopiers.

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Top Online Shopping Sites For Photocopiers

If you accept our recommendation, you will be free from the situation I went through. We at Emmanitech always disburse valid and reliable information so you can 100% rely on these sites we are recommending for you. Here we go:

Best Online Shopping Sites For Original HP And Canon Toner Cartridges In Ghana

Deus was established and officially incorporated on November 31st, 2018. It became a Limited Liability Company under the legal framework of the Companies Act 1963, Act 179, with a primary focus on becoming the ultimate destination for Toners and Printers in Ghana.

Committed to strict adherence to Ghana’s regulatory requirements, Deus is fully registered and consistently compliant with the Ghana laws.

Deus is credited with its superior customer service and in the delivery and supply of original photocopiers, printing toners, scanners, and more. They operate on three principles of ‘C’ which are Consistency, Consistency, Consistency.

Top Brands Of Photocopiers Offered By Deus

When the first online site disappointed me and left me brokenhearted, it was that mended my heart and put me on my path of becoming a printing pressman.

I tell you as of now I can’t lie that the copier has never given headache over 2 years now. So I can strongly recommend to everyone without fear of disappointment.

Deus offers a top brand of photocopiers such as Canon, Lexmark, Samsung, Go, Epson, Konica and several others. Due to these, this online shopping site, is customers’ best choice.

Why We Recommend

Per experience and customer reviews, deur is the best.

  • They offer timely delivery and sometimes give customers free delivery.
  • Customer satisfaction is their utmost priority
  • They provide high-quality but cheaper printers.
  • They offer door-to-door delivery so you just have to relax at home as they deliver to you at low or no cost.

Location And Contact Details Of Deus

You can locate Deus at Kingsby Roundabout-Christ Home Avenue, Achimota-Accra. P.O. Box CT10766, Cantonments-Accra No.25 Yama Plaza, Block One-3rd Floor-Apartment Seven.

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You can contact them at 0559-722-669 0302-422-666, 0800666000(MTN Toll-Free) or Email at [email protected].

Try as much as possible to make Deus your Lifetime Supplier today and enjoy their new definition of customer satisfaction.


Jumia is a popular e-commerce platform in Ghana that offers a wide range of products, including photocopiers and other stuff.

They collaborate with renowned brands, making sure that customers have access to quality photocopiers.

Jumia also provides detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, and ratings to help you make an informed decision.

With secure payment options and nationwide delivery, Jumia is your reliable choice for purchasing photocopiers online.

Popular Products Offered At

Jumia offers sales of products such as original copiers, printers, wears, and other stuff.

Location And Contact Details Of Jumia Ghana

You can locate Jumia Ghana at Boundary Road, Accra and for any inquiries, you can contact them at 0302740630.

Tonaton is a well-known online marketplace in Ghana, and it’s a perfect place to find both new and used photocopiers.

The platform enables its users to connect with local sellers, making it convenient for those who prefer a hands-on approach before buying.

I remember my first Samsung phone was got from Tonaton and when it was time for me to resell too I sold it there.

You can rely on them for both used and brand new Photocopiers at a very low price but quality.

Popular Products Sold At Tonaton

At Tonaton you can get products like brand new and home used Photocopiers, printers, toners, wears and other stuff.

Location And Contact Details Of

Tonaton is located at East Legon, Mensah Wood Street, Greater Accra. If you want to contact them you can visit them at or contact them at 0302 746 911, Email at [email protected]

Can-West Limited

Can-West Limited is a worldwide wholesale distributor of IT equipment specializing in copiers, desktop PCs, laptops, printers, projectors, toners, and more.

They have been in existence since 1997 keeping an excellent track record of the best customer satisfaction.

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Their sales personnel are very experienced and knowledgeable. They always strive to build lasting relationships with customers.

Popular Products On Sales At Can-West Limited

You can easily get affordable and quality products like the following at the site: photocopiers, adapters, home appliances, stationery, servers, stabilizers and UPS, CCTV cameras, servers, security systems, workstations, and more.

Location and Contact Details Of Can-West Limited

You can locate them at Accra, Dzorwulu, Osu Badu Street Plot 210. If you want to talk to them, you can contact them at 0549750300 or visit their website at

Compu Ghana

Ghana’s market leader for information technology equipment and accessories is CompuGhana.

They have a solid reputation for offering a wide range of computer-related goods, software solutions, mobile devices, electronic devices, and home appliances.

In terms of turnkey computer solutions, Compu Ghana is an expert. When it comes to carrying cutting-edge equipment from the most prestigious manufacturers in the world, Compu Ghana is the best.

Their software is built by renowned industry leaders to best-in-class standards.

Popular Product Offered At Compu Ghana

The site offers IT products such as Photocopiers, printers, toners, laptops, desktop computers, and more. Their prices are very affordable.

Location And Contact Details Of Compu Ghana

Compu Ghana can be found at Mark Cofie House, Oxford Street, Accra. For any inquiries, you can contact them at 0545113311 or 0243143143.

W.A.S.P Ltd

Managed Print and Document Solutions are the main areas of concentration for W.A.S.P Ltd. They design solutions to advance the green workplace agenda.

Time and money savings are made possible, and the company is modernized.

Popular Product Offered For Sale At W.A.S.P LTD

W.A.S.P LTD offer product at very affordable prices. The most popular products they offer for sale are HP copiers, printers, toners, and more.

Location And Contact Details Of W.A.S.P LTD

W.A.S.P is located at 11 Lily Ave, Accra, Ghana, and can be reached at 054 718 9613, +233-540-115-152. You can also visit their website at

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the most reliable online shopping site for Photocopiers in Ghana? is the most reliable and the biggest online shopping site for Photocopiers in Ghana.


In order not to suffer the same fate or even more of what I went through when I was trying to get a photocopier, you should opt for any of the reliable sites stated in this article. The article stated their location, contact details, and popular products they offer for sale so that you can easily make an informed decision and also easily contact them.

You can also check out the best sites for original Canon toner cartridges in Ghana and also things to look out for when buying photocopiers in Ghana.

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