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WhatsApp Is Bringing A New Feature; Here Is Everything You Need To Know

WhatsApp is bringing a new feature that is going to change the way we listen to audios on the app.

WhatsApp has been people’s favorite when it comes to sending and receiving messages.
The app makes sending and receiving messages easy because of how easy it Is to use, also WhatsApp makes sure no matter how small your data is, you can browse and do almost everything on the app.
Every time, the platform continues bringing in new features that will make their users get stuck on the app.

Recently WhatsApp introduced the “Linked Device” feature which now allows users to use WhatsApp on two or more separate devices.

At first, it was not all that easy to use WhatsApp on two or more devices, WhatsApp only worked on one device and it was “a one device per number” app.

This new feature has become one of the most loved features among all the features WhatsApp has implemented.

And now WhatsApp is going to make their users love the app more.
Do you see how hard it is to listen to audio in WhatsApp?

Anytime you are listening to audio sent by the person you are chatting with, it gets hard to listen especially when you don’t have a headset.

This is because the audio uses the sensor on your phone to know whether you are listening to it or have stopped so that it also stops.

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Also when someone sends you long audio, you can’t leave the chat to message someone else unless you have finished listening to that audio.

When you decide to pause that audio, you will come back and listen to the audio from the beginning.

WhatsApp recently implemented a new feature that helps you fast-forward the audios, and now they are bringing In a new feature that is focused on making sure you get the best out of audio features In WhatsApp.

Now WhatsApp is bringing a new media player that will help you listen to audio anywhere.
Yes, you hear me right, anywhere. Now you don’t have to worry about leaving one chat when listening to audio sent by one of your contacts.

With this new player, you can play a voice recording from friend A and then leave the chat to read a message from friend B and your audio will still be playing.

This new feature is currently under development and will be out to WhatsApp beta testers soon.
Are you a beta tester?
Whatsapp beta tester program on the Google play store is currently full but you can download the beta versions from third-party sites like apkmirror and co.

So to the one reading this, are you ready for this new feature?

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