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How To Earn Free Bitcoins Through Faucets (Full Guide)

Bitcoin faucets have been in the system for some time now. There have been many talks about it, whether it is accurate or a scam.

But bitcoin faucets are real, and if you have time for it, you can be generating free bitcoins for free.

In this article, I will take you through what bitcoin faucet is, how to earn free satoshi, and take you through the legit sites where you can claim your free bitcoins.

What Is A Bitcoin Faucet?

Bitcoin faucet is an app or a website that offers free bitcoins in exchange for doing a simple task.

Such task includes watching ads, solving a captcha, joining Facebook groups, and sharing their posts.

After you are done with this simple task, you will be rewarded with a Satoshi.

A satoshi is the minor portion of the cryptocurrency.

Just like the US Dollar and cents. A 100 cents make $1, same as a 100 million Satoshis equals 1 Bitcoin.

The founder of Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto, so he named the minor units of cryptocurrency Satoshis (to make his name reign forever, I guess).

How And Who Started Bitcoin Faucet First?

When Bitcoin was launched in the year 2009, nobody knew about that, so to make it popular, some people decided to educate the public and at the same time give out free 5 Bitcoin (now worth $39,335.23) to each and everybody that wants this free money.

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Before we dive into how to earn free bitcoins, we will first have to know how these websites and apps that give out free bitcoins make money.

How do faucet distributors make money? Why are they giving it out for free?

As we talked about, faucets are all about receiving free bitcoins by doing simple tasks, so these websites and apps make money through advertising.

Anytime you visit the website or open the app to claim your bitcoins every day, you will be served ads before you can even log in.

 Also, some faucets require you to watch an ad, so when you watch the ads, you receive free bitcoins, and they also earn money from the ads you watched.

Bitcoin is known to be the future of money, and as you already know, money is primarily stored in the banks, the same as bitcoin.

Bitcoin is stored in a wallet. One advantage of bitcoin over physical cash is that, with bitcoin, you control your money.

So to first receive free bitcoins through faucets, you need to create a bitcoin wallet. Here is an article taking you through everything you need to know about Bitcoin and also how to create a bitcoin account.

The Best And Highest Paying Bitcoin Faucet List

In this article, I will take you through the legit and free bitcoin faucets.

Bitcoin Aliens

Bitcoin aliens are one of the best places to generate faucets. The platform allows you to install and play games, and while playing these games, you earn cryptocurrencies through it, the more you play and the levels you complete, the more your free coins increase.

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They also pay high satoshis for a single level completed. You can earn more than 4000 satoshis from a single payout of around $1.3687.

One great thing about Bitcoin aliens is that they offer different cryptocurrencies, and they have apps like Free Litecoin, Free Bitcoin Cash, Alien Run, Blockchain Game, and Free Bitcoin. This leads us to the next topic.

How To Earn CryptoCurrencies Through Bitcoin Alien?

  1. Go to the play store and search for Bitcoin Aliens. The list of all their apps will appear in the search results.
  2. Now go through the coin you want to claim and install. For this tutorial, we are going to install Free Bitcoin Cash.
  3. After a successful install, open the app, type in your email address, and type in your Bitcoin Cash wallet address.
  4. Now you can start claiming your free coins; they have an option for you to claim free coins hourly. You can also install and play games for free Bitcoin Cash coins and refer friends to earn more.

Payment will be made when you get 10,000 satoshis.


Cointiply started giving out free satoshis in 2017. They give you coins for doing your tasks like watching ads, taking surveys, playing games, referring users, watching videos, and many more, and when you are about to withdraw, you can then withdraw in either Bitcoin or Dogecoin.

How To Earn Bitcoins on cointiply?

  1. Visit Cointiply website and click on register.
  2. On your dashboard, you will see your level and the offer available for you.
  3. Now click on the ones you want to earn the free faucets from. You can choose to watch videos, make games and ear, play the Roll and Win, complete surveys, refer friends, and many more.
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Cointiply Free Crypto Options


As their name suggests, this website gives free bitcoins every 12 hours; they also have an option for you to deposit your Bitcoin and multiply it by playing dice with it.

You can also gamble with your free earned Faucets if you want to multiply it quickly (or lose it fast). It is all about luck.

How To Earn Bitcoins on Freebitcoin?

  • Visit Freebitcoin website and click on sign up.
  • After successful signup, you can then start claiming your free faucets.

As I said, you can also visit the Betting Tab and bet on matches with your Bitcoins or your free earned coins.

Satoshi Monster

Satoshi Monster has been in the system since 2018, the website provides free faucets when you complete a task, and the minimum withdrawal is 30000 Satoshis.

How To Earn Bitcoins on Satoshi Monster?

  • First, visit Satoshi monster website and sign up with your email and password.
  • After confirmation, you can start claiming your free faucets by watching videos and solving captchas.


Yes, you can earn free bitcoins, and the process to make this bitcoin is called a faucet. 

In this article, we went through the top-paying faucet sites, how to join, and the number of satoshis they pay you for doing these simple tasks.

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