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How To Transfer Vodafone Credit To Another Vodafone Number In Ghana

In our daily interactions, we often find ourselves deeply connected to a significant individual, someone we harbor genuine affection for, manifesting in our willingness to go to great lengths for their convenience.

This commitment extends to instances as trivial as ensuring sufficient airtime even in the late hours.

Regular conversations with this cherished individual prompt a readiness to fulfill any requests they may have.

Occasionally, our dialogues, spanning hours, might unexpectedly come to an abrupt pause when the revelation is made that their airtime has been depleted.

Despite the desire to prolong the conversation, the only viable option is to recharge their airtime account promptly, ensuring an uninterrupted continuation of our communication.

Admittedly, obtaining airtime during late-night hours poses a logistical challenge, given the unavailability of conventional airtime vendors.

However, for subscribers of the Vodafone network, an alternative solution exists. It entails the seamless transfer of airtime or data directly from one’s smartphone to the intended recipient.

It is imperative to note that for this method to be effective, both the sender and the recipient must be on the Vodafone network.

This article seeks to provide a comprehensive guide on how to execute this airtime or data-sharing process with a fellow Vodafone subscriber.

By following the steps outlined herein, users can leverage this feature to extend a helping hand in times of urgent communication needs, reinforcing the strength of interpersonal connections on the Vodafone network.

How To Transfer Vodafone Credit To Another Vodafone Number

To facilitate the transfer of credit to another Vodafone user, a specific shortcut has been designated for this purpose.

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Utilizing the *516* shortcut enables you to execute this transaction seamlessly. The process involves dialing *516* followed by the recipient’s phone number, the desired amount of airtime, and your password.

The format for inputting this information into your dialer is as follows: *516*recipient number*amount of airtime*password#.

Allow me to illustrate with a practical example. Suppose I intend to send 30 cedis worth of airtime to Delilah, my dialer input would appear as follows: *516*0203652894*30*2222#.

It is essential to note that Vodafone imposes a nominal charge of 0.05 for this service, underscoring the importance of ensuring sufficient airtime balance to cover the associated transaction fee.

For those seeking to send airtime to another Vodafone user in pesewas, the process closely mirrors the one outlined above. Dial *516* followed by the recipient’s phone number, the amount of airtime in pesewas, and your password.

The dialer input for this scenario would look like this: *516*0203652894*0*60*1443#.

By adhering to these steps, Vodafone subscribers can effortlessly transfer airtime to fellow network users, fostering seamless communication and connectivity.

How To Transfer Vodafone Data To Another Vodafone Number

You can also transfer data to a friend on the Vodafone network. To do so, please follow the steps listed below.

  1. Dial *700#
  2. Dial-in 4
  3. Select the kind of data that you want to send to that person
  4. Choose the payment mode. You can use either your airtime to pay or you can pay from your Vodafone cash account.
  5. Enter the number of the person you are sending the data to.
  6. Now type in your PIN code to confirm the transaction. You should always remember that your PIN will be 1234 if you have never tempered with it too.
  7. Now press ‘1’ to the airtime purchase.
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The steps outlined above provide a straightforward and efficient method for sharing both airtime and internet data with individuals of your choosing, minimizing any potential inconvenience. The guide demonstrates how to seamlessly send credit and data to desired recipients through the prescribed steps.

It’s worth noting that several other networks also offer similar services, allowing users to extend the same convenience to their contacts. In the interest of providing a comprehensive overview, let’s explore the procedures for transferring credit and data on some other mobile networks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vodafone credit transfer code?

To transfer credit (airtime) from one Vodafone number to another on the Vodafone network, you can use the Vodafone “Me2U” service. Here are the steps:
Dial the Vodafone Credit Transfer code: *516#
Follow the on-screen prompts to enter the amount of credit you want to transfer.
Enter the recipient’s Vodafone number.
Confirm the transaction.
Please note that there might be a small service charge for using this credit transfer service, and the amount you can transfer in a single transaction may have limitations. Make sure to double-check the details and follow the instructions provided during the process.

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