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Windows Vs Linux, Which Is The Best Operating System?

So you are thinking about getting yourself a new computer system, right? But the thing is you do not which operating system to go with.

This may have probably gotten you confused since you cannot decide on the one you will be choosing. In this case, the best option will be to compare the two operating systems side by side before you make a final decision.

In this article, we take you through the two operating systems so that our readers can make an informed decision on the kind of operating system that you think will be best for you. The ultimate decision will however come down to you.

So without wasting much time, let us get down to business.

Before we get started, however, we need to know exactly what each operating system is. 

Window Operating System

Windows operating system was first released in 1985, the Windows operating system was created by Microsoft, which is owned by billionaire Bill Gates.

It now has the largest user base in the world as of today through a series of updates over the years since its inception. The updates all come with their unique graphic interface which allows the users to view their files and carry out their work.

Most computer systems today operate on the Windows system which was designed to work on the x86 hardware.

The current update in the windows operating system lineup now is Windows 10, which was released after the Windows 8.1

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Linux Operating System

This operating system was created in the 1990s, by a man known as Linux Torvalds. It is based on the UNIX platform and allows its users to modify its code to create different versions of it.

Versions created by users can even be sold or used by them. They are also regarded as the best choice for setting up servers. Due to this, some web pages are served on the internet via systems that are backed by a Linux distribution. Linux is also commonly used in personal computers and others like mobiles and consoles.

So now, let us look at them side by side    

Price And License

The majority of the Linux operating system and its library are open-source and free to the public to use and modify.

There are also some distributions of Linux that are paid for and comes with additional support.

Microsoft Windows however comes with the Microsoft license. This does not allow users of the operating system to get access to the source code of the OS, which means that users cannot make any modifications to the operating system as they wish. The license is priced between $70 and $200.


The Linux operating system has revamped the usability level of the operating system through the years.

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Its installations and other setups have been made much simpler over the years through frequent updates and this has enabled almost all kinds of people to operate the operating system.

Windows on the other hand normally come pre-installed on most computer systems due to its dominance on the technology market.

There is a 90% chance that the new computer you were thinking of buying already has a Microsoft Windows operating system installed on it, which means you shouldn’t even be reading this (dude, that’s a joke. Read on).

Due to this dominance, many computer users are used to the Windows interface and there are even some people who have not seen how a Linux interface looks like before. Windows is also very easy to use.


Linux boasts massive online support due to its huge user base around the world. Support is provided by the Linux community through various forums and websites.

Windows has a support base that can be accessed easily through integrated and various online dedicated websites as well as videos which can help people when they can encounter a problem.


In terms of speed, Linux conquers Windows easily. Linux minimizes ‘bogging’ when many processes are being run at the same time. Defragmentation is no longer visible in Linux.

Windows can get slow sometimes to the extent that it becomes very frustrating. This can happen when many apps are running at the same time     

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Windows has now become much focused on advertisements, although users can opt-out of this. Windows also seem to know the things that happen on your computer through the OneDrive and Cortana analysis.

Linux however considers the privacy of its users as it comes with built-in encryption that provides users with security from third-party applications.


Linux is more secure compared to Windows. This does not mean that there will be no attacks on the operating system as attack vectors have been discovered before. However, it is much easier to resolve such issues on Linux than on Windows.


Over the years since its inception, Linux has proven to be much more reliable than Windows through its system security, process management, and uptime. Windows on the other hand have not been able to maintain its reliability quotient over the years.


When it comes to gaming, windows wins by a wide margin. There are many gaming clients which can be accessed by windows users to enable them to play video games.

Linux is now making its way up the gaming ladder and has a long way to go.

  • Conclusion

From the comparison above, readers can make an informed choice for themselves as to the operating they think is better for them.

Both operating systems have areas where they best the other so a careful decision will be needed when making the final choice.

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