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How To Configure Autoplay On Your Windows 11 Machine

When connecting an external USB device to your computer, the Windows operating system automatically detects it upon connection.

On Windows 10, you can personalize how the operating system interacts with the USB devices upon insertion.

This functionality is referred to as ‘autoplay,’ allowing you to set default actions for various USB drives, memory cards, and other connected media.

Similarly, the ‘autoplay’ feature is present in the Windows 11 operating system. However, in Windows 11, it is discreetly located within the settings, requiring users to navigate to access it.

This article aims to guide you through the process of enabling and configuring the ‘autoplay’ feature on your Windows 11 machine.

Follow the outlined steps in this article to seamlessly configure the ‘autoplay’ feature on your Windows 11 system.

How To Configure The ‘Autoplay’ Feature In Windows 11

The steps below will show you how to configure the ‘autoplay’ feature on windows 11. You will also see how to disable the feature if you do not want it to be working automatically. Let us get started.

  1. Click on the windows start button
  2. Go to settings. You can get here by using the shortcut ‘windows key + I’
  3. Now, click on ‘Bluetooth and devices’
  4. Click on ‘autoplay’. It can be located on the right pane
  5. If you want to turn off the ‘autoplay’ feature, just toggle under ‘use autoplay for all media and devices to off
  6. You can also configure that action of the ‘autoplay’ feature. This can be done by going to the ‘choose autoplay defaults’ section 
  7. Look under ‘removable drive’ and you will see several options like ‘configure storage settings’ ‘open folders to view files, ‘take no actions’, and ‘ask me every time. Choose the option that you prefer
  8. Under the ‘memory card’ section, there will be options like ‘import photos and videos, ‘play media files’, ‘take no action’, ‘ask me every time, ‘open folder to view files. Here too, you will have to choose the option you prefer
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So that is all done. You have just configured the autoplay feature on your Windows 11 machine.

The options you choose will be put into effect every time you insert a USB device into the computer. You can change the options again if you like just by following the same steps as you see here.


So as you can see, the autoplay feature on Windows 11 works exactly in the same manner as the ones on the older Windows operating systems. I hope that this article has been helpful to all the Windows 11 users on here.  

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