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How To Block Ads On YouTube On Your Android And Smart TV

Google has a way of making money from its youtube platform and they do that by putting ads on the videos that are posted on the youtube site.

The ads are shown to a lot of people who watch the video. The revenues that come from the ads that are placed on the videos are then shared by both content creators.

Although these ads are a source of revenue for the video creators as well as Google, they sometimes become annoying to deal with, especially when they keep coming at the least instance.

The ads can also be very annoying when you are watching videos on youtube on your smartphone or a smart TV and then they keep coming.

The ads can be becoming a lot when you are watching videos on your Android TV. 

One of the more irritating about the ads is that you cannot stop the ads from showing on your android TV like how you can stop them from showing on your smartphone.

However, there is no need to worry at all about it. If you are looking for ways through which you can stop the ads that appear when you are watching videos on your smart TV, this article has got you covered.

Just read through and you will be able to deal with all those annoying ads.

How To Block Ads On Smart TV

There are some ways that you can watch videos on youtube without the ads interfering.

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Youtube Premium

Since youtube is a platform that is used for generating revenue, almost everything that is posted there comes with an ad for that purpose.

They also know how annoying those can be to some people. Due to this, they have a way that people can watch the videos without the ads loading first.

This is known as the ‘youtube premium’. This is a paid version of youtube where users can watch videos every month without annoying ads as long as they have a good network connection.

The price for the youtube premium comes in at $11.99. This allows you to watch all the videos you can watch without the ads popping up.

To get this, you simply have to download the youtube premium app from the app store of your smart TV and then start using it after you have made the necessary payments.

Using Unofficial Youtube Apk

However, if you do not the money to pay for the youtube premium app, there are other ways through which you will be able to watch the videos on youtube by blocking the ads.

One way you can do that is by using an unofficial youtube app. Although this is not highly recommended, it is the only way you can view youtube videos without having to pay for them and avoid the ads at the same time.

This is similar to the GBWhatsapp clone of the real WhatsApp app that we use. There are unofficial youtube apks that you can download to use. 

There is a modified version of the youtube app that you can get. These are however not recommended because we cannot guarantee safe they are.

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The modified version is an offloaded version of the youtube app and it is smaller in size compared to the youtube app.

It also lacks some of the original settings that are found in the main app. Due to this, the ads are not able to show in it.

So if you do not want to be seeing those annoying ads as you watch the youtube videos, this is the apk for you.  

How To Watch Youtube Videos On A Phone And Smart TV Without Ads

  1. Download a web browser onto your smart TV
  2. Open the newly installed browser and search ‘unofficial youtube app’
  3. Look through the search results until you get the one that allows you to download the app
  4. Download the app
  5. Now set your phone or TV so that you can install the app

How To Make Your TV Install An Unofficial Youtube App

  1. Go to your TV settings and locate ‘security and restrictions’
  2. Select it and then scroll to ‘unknown sources
  3. Select it and then enable the installation from unknown sources  
  4. Now got to your files manager, download this from the play store if you do not have it on your smart TV
  5. Locate the unofficial youtube app in the file manager and open it to install it
  6. It will be installed on your smart TV

You will now be able to watch youtube videos without the annoying ads. However, the safety of this app cannot be guaranteed so you use it at your own risk.


Using unofficial youtube is the way one can watch youtube videos with ads. However, if you do not want to go through all that hassle and the safety risk, you can get yourself the youtube premium app and pay the subscription fee for its usage.

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