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Fixing A DSTV Remote That Has Stopped Working

We all know what a DSTV is right? This is a direct-to-home broadcast satellite service that offers over 200 television, radio, and audio stations for viewers to entertain themselves with.

The service offered by DSTV is one of the best on the African continent at the moment. Almost everyone who is looking for the best entertainment in terms of TV goes out and buys a DSTV.

Football lovers go in for DSTV because they can watch all their football matches live without having to go and pay to watch it somewhere else as most people do.

Apart from football, DSTV also has several channels that provide the best in movies and documentaries for all viewers.

You can also get live programs on the service as well as many other contents that cannot be mentioned. 

So now let us assume that you are having a DSTV decoder in your house (which is 90% possible that you do) and then all of a sudden, the remote control stops working.

How do you get it working again? In today’s article, we will be looking at exactly how you can do that.


One of the first steps to fixing remote control that is not working is to run a troubleshooting diagnosis.

This will depend on the model of the controller that you are using. The troubleshooting will let you know if the controller is broken or not. For instance, the problem could even be that the battery in the controller was the problem. 

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How To Know If The Remote Is Broken

A ‘link eye’ which is not working is one sign that the remote controller is broken. If you press any button on the remote and it does not work by flashing the green light, then it could be possible that the remote needs new batteries or that there is a problem with the remote.

If the problem persists after you have replaced the battery, then you can now conclude that the remote has broken down or developed a problem.

If your device is still under warranty then you can enjoy free repairs from DSTV.

How To Solve DSTV Remote Problems

Now let us look at some ways through which you can solve the problem on your own. It can be that you do not have a warranty anymore because it has been more than a year since you purchased the decoder. 

Check Batteries

Just as I stated above, the first thing you should do is check the batteries to see if they have power.

The remote will not work when you are changing channels if the battery is low.

They will not work as well when you increase or decrease volume. In this case, you will have to replace the batteries and see if they work.

It could also be that you did not insert the batteries well so you will have to remove them and reinsert them again. 

Checking For Electronic Glitch

An electronic glitch can happen on the signal of the DSTV remote before the signal reaches the decoder. Here is how to correct such glitches.

  1. Take out the batteries from the remote
  2. Press the menu button for about 30secs and hold it without the batteries in the remote 
  3. Release the menu button and then insert the batteries again
  4. This should fix the electronic glitch problem. This method clears the glitch by discharging it.
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Checking The Sensor

If the two methods above do not work, then it is time for you to see if the sensor is the problem.

You will have to check to see if the sensor is working by transmitting infrared light. This test can be done by using the camera on your smartphone.

Here are the steps to conducting the test. 

  • Open the camera application on your phone
  • Point the remote at the lens of the camera at a distance of about 25 centimeters 
  • Now, press the menu button. You should be able to see the infrared light flashing on the LCD screen of the camera.
  • If this method works, then it means that the problem is not with the remote but rather the remote sensor on your decoder

However, if the infrared light does not flash, then maybe it is now time for you to get yourself a new remote or use another one if you have a spare remote at home. 

Cleaning Transmission Window

Since the remote and the decoder communicate through the use of an infrared signal, the transmission window always has to be clear for the communication to go on without problems.

So try cleaning the upper edge of the remote control and then try using the remote again.

Checking Signal Interference

When you are using the remote, you should make sure that there is no object between you and the TV.

An object that is between you and the TV could block the signal from getting to the decoder.

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Some electronic equipment such as phones and radios could even disrupt the signal coming from the remote. Make sure none of these is between you and the TV.

Reset The Remote

If all else fails, it will now be time to reset the remote. Most of the time, this is what fixes the problem.

Resetting the remote may be what you need to do before it will begin to work again. Here are the steps to reset the remote.

  1. Press and hold the ARC button and the power button together for 5 seconds
  2. The remote color will change to a yellow-brown color
  3. Now release the power button while your finger stays on the ARC button
  4. Dial 9499 and you will see that the green light is now flashing
  5. Now release the ARC button and you are good to go. This should reset the remote and fix the problem 


What if all these do not work?

If all the above do not work, then it is possible that your remote has broken and you will have to replace it.

Can I use one remote for multiple TVs?

Yes, you can. And this is one reason why remotes stop working because the signals could jam up


Through these steps above, you should be able to fix your remote and enjoy your DSTV entertainment without any hindrance.

Since we are talking about TV remotes, you might also want to check out multi-tv prices in Ghana.


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